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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Day

I'm sure I mention it from time to time but I work in a school library. What most people don't know is that I'm at 12-month employee at that school. Actually the fact puzzles most people! Once they find out that I work all summer despite there being no students I'm always asked what do I do for two months?

Well Here's my biggest job! I take shelves like these which are quite messy and are quite packed (on your left). In the space of half a day I can take that one aisle and straighten, shelf-read (putting the books in exact order first by call number, then by author, then by title), and shifted if the shelf is getting full. And I turn it into this (picture on the right). Of course by the end of September the kids will have it all in a mess again!

I've had a couple of enquires in your comments about my Cube-It. Unfortunately a tutorial will not be forthcoming for this type of finishing. Why? Because its a technique I learnt from an instruction booklet made by Elegant Stitch. It can be bought from this page on their website. Now I can point you toward this other tutorial on the net to make a cube, but the directions and supplies are totally different from what is in Elegant Stitches How to Cube-It Book. The booklet I used does not involve any sewing or glue.

Tonight I made more progress on Celtic Banner but still not enough for another progress picture for you. I'm still working on the first band below the box I was working on during my last scan.

I had an impulsive moment tonight, Todd's birthday is coming up at the end of the month. Some time ago I bought a Heritage Stitchcraft Silouettes chart of a fisherman. Well I kitted it up tonight. I'm going to try to stitch it up "in secret" between now and Todd's birthday. Yes I've bought him birthday gifts but I'd like to give him something a little more personal.

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zoeandcooper said...

First, you cube is adorable!

Second, I am with you on the summer thing. I am a school social worker and people are baffled that I work during the summer. Tons of report writing and organizing! For some reason i miss the kids:)