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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day... and Happy 4th of July to my Southern neighbors.

Gosh when I'm model stitching I find there's not much I can blog about since so much of this blog is about my stitching. I have to say I'm getting close to the half way mark on my first of two models for Dragon Dreams. The specialty fiber in this design was a fiber I had tried in the past without any success. This time around I'm having no trouble working with it, and it makes up the majority of the design.

I can tell you I'm very relieved to have a 5-day weekend! I took Friday and Tuesday off from work and I think my poor body needs it! I've been very tired. Friday I found it necessary to take a nap with a migraine coming on. Today I attempted to nap but just couldn't quite settle down so I laid in bed and finished The Da Vinci Code. Lounging in bed reading is something I haven't done in ages and I found it just as restful as a nap.

Tomorrow I'm hitting the road, to check out Marj's new house!


Von said...

Enjoy a restful vacation, Dani. Take lots of lovely showers, lol!

AnneS said...

Enjoy your break - I think every now and then we all need a rest ... and I agree with you about reading! :D Look forward to seeing the models stitched up once you get the all clear to "show and tell" :)

Jennifer said...

You are SO good at keeping secrets and I am proud of you for working so well with that specialty fibre!! Sorry that you can't brag about the details yet, but I can still jump in here and let people know that you ROCK!