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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Goals & SBQ

Gosh, I've realized that I haven't shared my goals for this month with you!

June Wrap Up

Stitch TWRR - Yup!
Stitch 1 Ornament - Yup!
Finish Montreal Sampler - Yup!
Work on celestial Dragon - Nope gone back to one project at a time
Work on Celtic Banner - Yup

July Goals
Stitch TWRR
Stitch 1 Ornament
Stitch 2 Dragon Dreams Models
Work on Celtic Banner

Now for the SBQ...
Q : What is the biggest mishap you have had with your stitching material(i.e. spillages)?

A : Fortunately I haven't had any big mishaps with my stitching. I've had some small oopsies. Like chocolate that was on my fingers getting on my fabric (common stitching mishap I think?). One time I was working in the staff room on a project during lunch and someone eating a blood orange was pulling the orange apart and of course the juice that squirts out... lands on my white fabric! Thank goodness for Ovrus all disasters were averted.

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Michelle said...

You did great on your June goals! Congrats! And thanks so much for checking in on my new blog and leaving such great comments. I will post an answer on the Kimonos - I bought the pattern from my LQS, but don't know more than that here. Will let you know - thanks again!