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Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Dust Bunny Is Born! Model HD

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you I'm actually letting you know what I'm stitching for Dragon Dreams. After Jennifer revealed in her July Newsletter (psst... there's a freebie there too!) what new designs were upcoming she gave me permission to tell you what designs I'm working on. I've finished the first of two designs tonight, Dust Bunny and let me tell you he/she is a cutie!!! I can see a lot of these being ordered at Charlotte. This design rings true for my life, I'd rather be stitching than cleaning! A special bonus for my blog readers only... here's a sneak peek of Dust Bunny! (I know I'm a total tease, but the whole design is for the shop owners to see first at Charlotte!)

So I'm going to take a quick one or two day break from model stitching and get my July ornament stitched up. This month's Ornament RR selection is Christmas Tree by Elizabeth's Designs from the 2005 JCS ornament issue. If tomorrow isn't a busy day I should be able to get it stitched up. Then it'll be back to model stitching and the Dust Bunny Sanctuary!

Its been a great weekend so far! Friday night was spent at the Ottawa Bluesfest where Christin, Chrisanne and I attended (along with approx. 20,000 other people) Great Big Sea (a Canadian East Coast Band). It was a great show, except for a couple of drunks we had to deal with who were quite out of control and had no clue that they almost took me and Christin out a couple of times with their jumping around and arm flailing! This afternoon Christin and I met up to go see Pirates of the Caribbean at the theaters. I don't go to the movies very often as I feel very strongly that a lot of the big movie theater companies have wayy outpriced themselves. Can you imagine paying $12.00 to see a movie or $9.00 for a matinee??? For me to go to the theaters it has to be something I really want to see. This week I've been to the movies twice! The rest of my day was spent with napping and stitching my two favorite past times!

Monday Christin and I will be back at Bluesfest to see Matt Mayes and El Torpedo followed by Sam Roberts.


Karoline said...

'Dust Bunnies' sounds cute Dani, I'm looking forward to Jennifer unveiling the design. Great Big Sea always put on a great live show don't they, I've seen them a few times when they've toured over here.

Karin said...

GBS must be one busy band - they were apparently on a sneak peek concert here on Thursday!

I love the start of the dust bunnies - Jennifer does great work!

Bastet said...

Ive been wondering about the dust bunnies she's hinted at. Yes you are a big tease. Though in my apartment we don't have dust bunnies. Since we have two cats we call them kittens. This is mainly due to the main contributor being our female. She gets a bit put out when I actually try to sweep them up.