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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Whew! Another Close Call

Whoila the last dust bunny is finished, its now onto the lettering. I almost had to go "Ort Diving" again! I finished this last bunny with only 6 inches of the other colour of specialty fiber left! I would seriously recommend if you're stitching either of the new Dragon Dreams designs, "Dust Bunny" or "Dust Bunny Sanctuary" to keep a careful eye on your specialty floss use!

Karin asked me in her comments to my last entry if I do anything special with my orts. No, I don't I had thought about it in the past but never did anything. I've heard of some stitchers putting them into clear glass Christmas balls for their tree. I've heard of others using them to stuff ornaments.

Does anyone have any good Ort ideas to share?

Oh yeah I forgot to mention in my last entry, I'm quite excited! Yesterday I managed to get tickets for my Mum and I to see The Who when they come to town in September! September is going to be a stupid busy month for me, I think! I'm going to THREE big concerts! First, The Who, then Roger Waters of Pink Floyd (he's doing Dark Side of the Moon from start to finish in Montreal... Mum is also coming with me to this show!), and the month will wrap up with the Red Hot Chili Peppers with Christin and Chrisanne! What a fun time! I hope to have a smaller and better digital camera by then and hopefully I'll be able to get some descent pictures. I know I'm not close to the stage for any of these shows, but heck at least I'll be there!!!

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Karen said...

Have fun at the concerts! I'd LOVE to see Roger Waters do DSOTM! I'm jealous. ; )