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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Photohunt : Waiting

Gosh its been forever since I've had the time or energy to get back into sharing Photohunts with you!  This week's theme is "Waiting"

While I was waiting for the Pearl Jam concert to start... I found Waldo!


Doris said...

when I saw the picture I thought also waldo :lol:

Anonymous said...

He was at the U.C.F. football game a couple of weeks ago.

Mary said...

That's awesome!!! :)

Christine said...

LOL, certainly looks like Wally to me

Diane (di) said...

So, THAT'S where Waldo is! :)

Karen said...

Too funny! :)

Julie said...

Hi Dani,
Happy thanksgiving to you and your family, i've had a lovely blog catch up here.
Such good news mum is home and continuing to improve each day.
Zeus has grown into a beautiful young man!
Huge congrats on the army run and the CIBC, well done to you and all your friends who took part.
Great pics of the Perl Jam concert and Roger Daltry, nice to see you have managed some outings whilst you have been supporting your family.
Beautiful sampler for Andrew and his new bride, congrats to them both.
Enchantment is looking so super.

Carolyn NC said...

Too cute!