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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pre-long Weekend Progress

I've been making amazing progress with Noah's Sub this week!!! Here it is before this long weekend when I'm hoping to stitch, stitch, stitch!

Shortly I'll be getting ready to go to Chrisanne's.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

You're Free Little Ones!

Yay! Finally, they're gone! Its been a few years since I've felt this way at work. That I couldn't wait for the kids and the staff to be GONE! Now I can settle down to work until my holidays, I've got quite the backlog as its been a crazy school year!

This photo is the art that just went up in the atrium at my school. The concept was dreamt up by one of our art teachers. Grade 9 art club students made the bodies, and the teacher put together the wings and hung the birds. I also helped with the hanging as well. They look just wonderful in our atrium!
On Saturday I'm off to Cornwall to go stitching with Chrisanne! Hopefully, I'll get a lot done on Noah's Sub!

Monday, June 25, 2007

SBQ from June 14th

Q : How do you store your WIPs and other projects that you have kitted up?

A : Well that answer is simple, I store my WIPs in zipper mesh bags! I think they're the best thing since sliced bread... honestly! I started out using ziplock bags... but I'm fairly abusive with my projects in transit, so they didn't hold up very long! I'm actually still using the first mesh bags I bought five years ago now. They really hold up nicely and come in a great variety of sizes!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yeee Hawww Progress!

Well I've had a weekend of a lot of "domestic goddess" like activities and framing jobs. In between that I have managed to get some time in on Noah's Sub and I have to say I've made significant progress since I last shared it with you.

And I just had to share this gem of a picture with you... Chrisanne's daughter Lindsay devouring a wings and ribs combo for dinner! Gosh I can't even eat that much!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Photo Hunt #63 - Shiny

This week's Photo hunt theme is shiny.

And to fit this theme I actually found a photo that was stitching related. This is a piece of needlework in an insect display at Parc Safari (in the province of Quebec). Back in August of 2005 Chrisanne and I took her daughter to Parc Safari to see the animals. We found this piece of needlework, the green shiny pieces near the bottom of the piece are beetle wings! They are certainly shiny and pretty!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rain Soaked Visitor

We had some local storms this evening and after the heavy rains stopped and I started to open the windows back up... I spotted this rain soaked visitor in my back yard. A fox! Isn't he adorable!

This evening, I had to go into Taekwon-Do briefly, all the black belts were having pictures taken for the website. Don't worry, I'll let you know when they're up. I'm hoping the pictures turn out better this time then the old ones. I'm currently off of TKD until September. About four weeks ago while I was teaching during demonstrating a move I felt something in the bottom of my foot go pop... and instant pain. I finally got into my sports medicine doctor (I did go to the clinic the next day but she didn't really tell me much besides want to send me for a useless x-ray which wouldn't show up soft tissue damage) this week. It turns out I have a partially torn plantar fascitis. So next week I'll be starting physiotherapy... and I can only cycle or swim for exercise.

Anyhow the point of me saying this is that when I left I was just so excited to get home and stitch!!! I haven't felt this way in ages! I do love to stitch, yes but I was just excited and giddy to get home. Have you ever felt this way?

For tonight's stitching pic I'm not going to show you progress on Noah's Sub. Which I did work on tonight by the way. For a change I'm going to share my travel project with you, Michael Powell's Mini Cottages 5. Its not really much at the moment and well, the white on white doesn't really show up at the moment.

Oh and thanks to those of you who visited my friend's blogs. I know Claire was just so excited to receive all your comments and found it really encouraging. When we last talked (online that is) she was off to get the digital camera and take pictures for you!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Show Me A Little Sub!

Today when I got home I was greeted by a lovely sight... both of my clematis (would that be clemati for plural? Hmmm???) decided to open their first blooms! I always watch my clematis each spring closely as they are well known to be finicky plants and sometimes don't winter well. Todd and I started working on expanding the gardens on the front of the house and I can definitely see another clematis in my future for sure!

This evening I FINALLY got to pull out Noah's Sub for the first time in about 10 days. I'm working on the top right hand page (the last page on the top!!!), I can tell you its going to be a boring stitch. I have to say 97% of this page is all sky! Half stitches in various shades of blue and purple. Just as I snapped this progress pic Hunter decided to jump up on the bed to check things out. He's my precious... my precious.. mine... all mine....

I've got two friends who have recently started blogging and I'd really appreciate it if you could stop by and say hi! First is Lynn at Kearnel's Korner, Rebbecca and I helped her start the setup of her blog when we were there a couple of weekends ago. I think she has the hang of it now! Lynn is a keen stitcher whose stash is slowly starting to expand...

The second is my BEST FRIEND from grade 10 Claire at Blarney n' Grits (I came up with that name!). We got up to all kinds of teenaged wickedness together... Some of my long time readers will recall that I was one of her bridesmaids at her wedding in Tennessee just a few years ago and that I stitched Teresa Wentzler's wedding sampler for her and her new hubby. I'm so excited that Claire has started blogging, and I hope she'll keep up with it so I can keep up with her. We both work in schools so its hard to keep the communication lines flowing during the school year! I'm trying to talk Todd into perhaps driving down to visit with Claire this Christmas... if Claire doesn't go away that is. I taught Clarie how to stitch a few years ago and she's not as speedy or addicted as many of us are but she enjoys it all the same.

Today at work I was offered the honor of presenting the staff bursary at next week's graduation ceremonies. I of course said yes, never in a million years did I imagine I'd be asked to present anything in an official capacity at work. Hmmm now what to wear...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

And Another Round Robin

Yay! Another round robin is done and dusted! Lately that's all I feel like I've been working on. This one is the Neighborhood Round Robin I'm in that just started. This one belongs to Cindy and her theme is country cottages and colonial houses.

I went through some charts and decided to stitch a modified version of house 7 from Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. I stitched two of the four houses in the block... and in the area that was left I put in the hot air balloon (I loved it!) but without the bird sitting on top. I'm very happy with the results and I hope Cindy is too.

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow
House 7 (modified)
c Carriage House Samplings
Stitched on 32 ct Days Gone By Joblean (Silkweavers) with DMC

So ... now for the moment, until something else shows up in the mail I can pull Noah's Sub back up... perhaps tomorrow I'll treat you with a progress pic as I did work on it two weekends ago.

Since I haven't been blogging much lately I should update you on what I've been up to (stitching related and of interest of course!

Two weekends ago (that would of been June 9/10th) was Todd and mine 15th anniversary ... we're not married so that would be when we started dating. How did we celebrate you may ask. In all honesty we didn't. I went to a weekend stitching get together with some Eastern Ontario stitchers and he went to the cottage to fish. I have to say I needed that weekend away! I was the first to arrive at Lynn's house on Saturday morning, but no more than half an hour later Rebbecca arrived. This was my first time meeting Lynn and the second time I met Rebbecca. Once lunch and visiting was done with we got down to some serious stitching. I started an over one monogram... which I have to embarrassingly tell you I trashed this week. I realized I was stitching the wrong letter! I wanted to stitch someone a thank you for sending something on for me and what did I do? Get names mixed up! Instead of starting over I trashed it, in the meantime I've come up with something else for a thank you but I won't share until its been received. Once I was sick of over one, Noah's Sub came out. Late afternoon Chrisanne stopped in to join us for a few hours and I got to take her new car (or putt putt as she puts it) out for a little tour. Its cute! Lynne put together a fantastic dinner for me and Rebbecca and in the evening Pam (if I recall correctly) a friend of Lynn's joined us for more stitching! Sunday consisted of breakfast, stitching, lunch, stitching and heading back home. I have to thank Lynn for hosting a very relaxing weekend and feeding us the most excellent food! I hope we can do it again!

This past weekend was the annual quilt exhibit at the Country Quilter in Richmond, for the third year in a row my Mum and I went to check it out. I have to say this year they seemed to have so many more quilts and they were all just fantastic! I wish now I had take some pictures for you. Its such a fantastic setting, the Country Quilter is run out of a nice old house so in the yard they put ropes between all the trees and hang the quilts in the yard. Its just fantastic with the sun and the breeze! A bonus of course is the 20% off sale they have. My Mum and I both bought some fabbies. I was very good and kept myself in reign. I bought 3 fat quarters, two that will work with my blue Hedgehog Quaker one was just too cute to stay there! After the Country Quilter it was still too early for lunch so we went to The Running Stitch and finally onto lunch.

So those are the "interesting" things I've done lately.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Catching Up on Phot Hunts

I've not been blogging much lately and I apologize... I don't think I've been myself lately, at least my Mum says I haven't been. There's been the usual end of school year chaos which this year has stressed me out to the point of really bad migraines. And well there's other stuff going on too that is personal and I'll just keep to myself (nothing serious folks). So stitching time has been a challenge... but I do get a little in now and then.

#60 - Art

This is a close up of one of the stone posts of the center gates at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. There is some amazing detail if you care to look closely... like these Calla Lillies

#61 Shoes

Hmmm this was a tough one... shoes aren't really something I think of. For me they're functional and comfortable. So here I found some shoes in this picture of a breed of Pheasant I took a picture of in the Aviary at the San Diego Zoo.

#62 Hair

Another one I had to search for... I came up with this. A picture of my Nephew from back in December of last year, in desperate need for a haircut!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

SBQ for June 6th

Q : What has been your most challenging project and why?

A : That's easy to answer... Peacock Tapestry. Why? Because its big, full of quarter stitches, and blends!!!

Reversing Images

I'm just going through all my comments for the last while...

I do read them as I get them however I like to keep them in my inbox so I can give all of you a return visit.

Sue asked me (and I know someone else has as well) how did I reverse the chart I used in Chrisanne's RR? Well it wasn't really that hard, I used my scanner to scan the chart onto my computer. That automatically opened the HP software (HP Phtosmart Essential) and I just told it I wanted a mirror image... and whoila! I had a reverse of the chart... and I printed it out.

So if you have a scanner take a good look at the software that came with it you may be able to do the same!
Photo : Irises that were in the garden when I bought the house!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon...

Not much stitching has happened this week. I did finish that RR on Monday, but I've barely touched my stitching for more than an hour the rest of the week.

Tuesday I had to do some running around for some framing jobs for work. I was in such a grumpy mood... it was best for me to just go to bed (before 9pm!).

Yesterday evening my Mum and I went out for a lovely Indian meal (it was sooooo good!) before we went and saw Roger Waters at the Scotiabank Place. Does this sound familiar to you? You might recall that we went to Montreal last fall to see the exact same show! At that time there wasn't even a hint or rumor that Roger Waters was coming to Ottawa so we hit the road to see the show. Well next thing don't I know it they're announcing a show here in town. We so enjoyed it the first time around we went again! Got seats closer to the stage too! Needless to say, I didn't get to bed until well after midnight!

This evening after work I picked up molding and mats for my framing jobs and spent two hours marking out and cutting. I'll put in a couple of more hours tomorrow (I hope) and get it done for Tuesday (and of course I was given the info and told when... last week. Geeze thanks I have a life!).

I'm looking forward to this weekend I'm off for a stitchy weekend with some newer stitching friends!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Another RR Bites The Dust!

Yay! I just put in the last bits of BS (not that there was a lot of it) in on Chrisanne's Band RR. This will be it for at least a few days... maybe a week when one of the Neighbourhood RR's get here.

Chrisanne's theme was Floral ... so I dug through my magazine and found an Apple Blossom chart. I used my computer to print out a chart of the reverse so I could stitch two of them curving in opposite directions. To fill things in I added some garden critters.

Apple Blossom, Bee & Butterfly
Quick and Easy Cross Stitch
June No. 88
Stitched on mystery fabric using DMC

Tomorrow... I should be able to pick up Noah's Sub!

The iris for today is : Supreme Sultan!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

June's Ornament (HD #24)

Well, that's another obligation done and dusted!

I did enjoy stitching the piece, but like I've said ... lots of obligations lately. I'm onto the next obligation, Chrisanne's Band RR. Here theme is a floral one, so I'm pouring through my magazines to find something suitable, while watching Corrie... what better way to spend a Sunday?

2006 Snowman
c2006 Ursula Michael DesignsJCS 2006 Ornament Issue
Stitched on 28ct white lugana using DMC & Kreinik BF

Yay! My next Iris variety opened up this morning. So of course I've taken pictures! Also of my entire bed (honestly its not anything too impressive).

My Bed

Foreground - Superstition
Background - Supreme Sultan

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Went Fishing... And All I Caught...

Was some sun. We decided to have my nephew Nick over the weekend so he could get a chance to use that new fishing rod and tackle we got him for Christmas.

My head was feeling better (but not my stomach) by early evening on Friday so I picked Nick up and after getting some provisions for the weekend I took him to DQ. Now doesn't this picture make for a great DQ commercial??? We spent the evening lazing around... he even dared to challenge me to Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. He should of known the attempt was futile. I soundly kicked his butt.

Today was spent fishing. While I taught at TKD the boys went to a river nearby... where I heard Nick fell in four times (wish I had been there with the camera!) and caught four fish. After TKD they picked me up and we went off to fish in the Madawaska River in Arnprior. I didn't catch anything... but then I tend to get bored quickly when the fish aren't biting... I read my book, took a nap under a willow tree, and cast my line in every once in awhile. Todd is patient and persistent and he caught a 6 pound Northern Pike. (See Ann, Dan and other Brighton area dis-believers... Todd does exist! Then again I could be teasing you with pictures of some random guy fishing today ;-) )

I've been working on Kathy's Ornament RR... a snowman, he's coming along nicely. Now I do like doing RR's and such, but at the moment I just can't wait to get them all done (the ones I have at the moment). I'd really like to get back to stitching my own stuff.
While on the topic of stitching, when I was waiting for Nick I was finally able to get a picture of a quilt my Mum put together for my niece Emma two years ago. The squares are from the Vermillion International Bears (when they were freebies on the net), which I did as a RR many years ago.

Now for our iris of the day. A new variety I put in this year called Spartan its a beautiful red/burgundy bloom! I've been asked to take a picture of my iris bed... I'm still waiting for a couple of more varieties to bloom first!

Friday, June 01, 2007

SBQ for May 30th & June Goals

Q : How many needles do you use during a project? Have you ever loaded up a needle for every color? Do you use a new needle for every project or recycle your favorite needle?

A : Most of the time I'll work with just one needle when stitching. However if I'm working on a project that has many colour changes/blends I will pre-load needles. I've done this with many Teresa Wentzler projects such as the sails on Tradewinds, pretty much all of Peacock Tapestry, and I'm currently doing this on The Castle . As pictured to the left is my "needle minder" for The Castle. I take a strip of any fabric from my stash ... usually something that's not big enough to stitch much on. I place a long piece of maksing tape down the left hand side. As I load a colour into the needle for the first time I write on that tape with a fine point sharpie marker the symbol and the colour(s) from the key of the design. As I need certain colours if they're already on my needle minder I just pull it off the fabric, and park it back when I'm done. The reason I write the symbol and colour numbers on the tape is so that I don't have to refer back to the design's key. This is they system that works best for me.

As for needle use... once it starts to feel yucky or make that squeaking noise when going through the fabric then out it goes. Otherwise I'll use the same needle over and over. Mind you I'm picky on how they feel so I do throw quite a few out. My favourite needle to use is Piecemakers... I recommned them to everyone... try them out! I'd say they feel like a hot knife cutting through butter! Heaven!
Stitching Goals....
May Recap :
Finish current page on Noah's Sub - Yes!
work on The Castle - Nope .. focusing on too may other things
Stitch one ornament - Did three!
Stitch one freebie - Yes
Get Neighbourhood RR ready to go - Done!
Get Band RR ready to go - Done!
Get Ornament RR ready to go - Done!
June Goals :
Work on Noah's Sub
Stitch one ornament
Stitch a Freebie
Stitch on Chrisanne's Instant Gratification RR (band RR)
Stitch on next Neighbourhood RR that shows up
My Irises are in bloom! Two weeks ago my dwarf irises started opening up... just as they have finished my standard sized irises have started blooming. This one is "Rock Star" which I added to the iris bed last year. This year its spread nicely and has quite a few blooms!
Today I'm home with a migraine. I woke up with one, I know when I wake up with a migraine there's no point in trying to go to work. I know its going to be bad when I wake up with it. I've slept for about 5 hours this morning. My meds have taken care of the pain for the moment. But I still have the nausea and I "don't feel right". So I'm trying my best to catch up on my online stuff as I can... and maybe try to stitch a little... hopefully without having to frog later!