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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well its late, after midnight and I have a lot to blog about. I've been staying off-line the last little while to maximize my stitching time! Which really wasn't much the last few days.

First, I had a lovely weekend visit with Beatrice! She fed me good and healthy meals, we visited, and we stitched. I had several treats this past weekend, both Saturday and Sunday I got to see Adriana, Beatrice's 92 year-old mother... who still stitches! It was so nice to see her again. I was also pleasantly surprised to get to see Kathy both days! We stopped by Kathy's place on Saturday to welcome her back to Canada (she had arrived on Friday), then on Sunday she found the time to come and stitch with me, Beatrice and Adriana for the afternoon... heaven!

Do you remember that little motif I shared with you just a few short blog entries ago? Well I was actually quite sneaky, and stitched another side and turned it into a fob for Beatrice.

Second, I found out yesterday that my blocks for round 12 of Fair and Square arrived at my partner's yesterday.

Sapin Noel
cGazette94 (blog)
Stitched on : 32ct Natural Linen
Stitched with : DMC variegated floss

Third, yesterday was weigh in day at Weight Watchers. I'm down 0.5lbs this week. Not bad. After that meeting, we also had a new addition to the family... meet HUNGRY!!! He was hanging out with my Paradigm Lost while I was making something to eat. Isn't he cute????

Fourth, and finally.... HAPPY DANCE!!!! Paradigm Lost is finished (Started October 31, 2007)!
Paradigm Lost
c Long Dog
Stitched on : 32ct Queen Ann's Lace Joblean
Stitched with : DMC colour variations #4240
Everyone wanted an opportunity to pose with Paradigm Lost tonight!

Now I'm off to bed!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Looking Forward to the Weekend

Yay! Tomorrow is Friday, did I ever mention how much I love Fridays because that means the weekend is about to arrive! Also, tomorrow I'm off-site at some workshops instead of my usual day in-day out monotony. In the morning I'll be packing my car, heading to the workshops then hitting the road to go visit with Beatrice for the weekend!

This is my first weekend visit with Beatrice, and I'm really looking forward to it! Also Beatrice is a very active singer in a choir. This Saturday her choir is putting on a show, and finally I'm going to get to hear her sing! I'm looking forward to this! Of course there will be stitching and gabbing as well! See you tomorrow Beatrice!!!

I've gotten a little stitching time the last few nights... not lots but at least putting in some needle time. Here's where Paradigm Lost stands when I packed it away for tomorrow's trip down the 401.
Hi Mum! (my Mum has started checking in on me... isn't that sweet???)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well the scale didn't move this week. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever reach Weight Watcher's idea of "goal weight".

Monday, April 20, 2009

Paradigm Lost Progress

Well it was a slow stitching night tonight, I didn't get too much done... pretty much started the numbers and that's it. I find these days I'm not getting a chance to settle down to stitch until after 8PM. That's just not enough stitching time LOL!

Anyhow here's where PL stands as of tonight.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Small HD!

Boy, it is so nice to finally be obligation free! I'm pretty sure I'm going to stay this way for a long while! This means if I want to stitch something for someone else, its not because I signed up for something but because I want to! Or I can just stitch for myself. The first thing I did to celebrate was stitch this little quickie today.

Red Threads
c2002 Rosewood Manor
Stitched on : 32ct Blue Spruce Lugana
Stitched with : 110 Needle Necessities

Late this evening I pulled Paradigm Lost out again. Oh what a joy it is to be working on it again. I'll entertain you with an updated progress picture sometime Sunday night. I'll be stitching with this project until its done... which shouldn't be long since I've only got two pages left!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photo Hunt #147 "Furry"

Happy Saturday! I always live for the weekend, be it at home or on the road. This weekend, its at home next weekend I'm going into "Road Warrior" mode and going to visit Beatrice for the weekend.

Last night I finished up round 12 of Fair & Square... my last one! It'll be going out in the mail on Monday, and I'll be sure to share it with you once its received. I've started a little geometric piece today for a quickie little HD for myself, then its back to Paradigm Lost until its DONE!!!

Here's another PhotoHunt for you folks.... "Furry"

This is a close up of the coat on a giraffe at the Jacksonville Zoo.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

That's Better-er!

Tonight I faced the scale once again... like I do every Tuesday night. I went to my WW meeting without any high hopes. Last week's weigh in really sent me for a psychological spin, I had a few moments where I placated those feelings with food. Not a lot, but more than I should of and not what I should of (like 3 Cadbury Thins at 1:30am on Sunday!). I did keep eating properly, and kept moving (except when I was on my butt stitching).

I started out this morning with a better outlook on my weight loss journey, and what a journey its been! I made myself a healthy and filling breakfast, and lunch. I did something different this morning, I pulled out of my jewelry box an old ring I had bought years ago (I'm not a big ring wearer) and put it on. I have taken a page out of my meeting leader's book, to use a ring as an anchor. This is something you use to remind yourself what you're doing, why you're doing it, also to help you stop some behaviours. Lately I find my hand dipping into the candy dishes too much, or if I have a treat, I have two. Also "just having one" when something is offered. I decided to use my ring to anchor me from the little extra licks, tastes and bites I have during a week. So hopefully each time I reach out my right hand to take something to eat I'll see/feel my ring and change my mind. It worked very well today.

I've also decided I will get to my goal weight when I get there. I'm going to eat well, move often, and attend my meetings!

So what did all this mean at the scale tonight? Well I lost 1.5lbs! Yay!!! I am now 8lbs from goal.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Long Weekend -- Day 4, the last day!

Well, this is it... the end of my extra long weekend! I shall enjoy every moment of this last day! Its been nice having a weekend of little to no commitments, and no housecleaning on the horizon (the house really needs it but for now I'm ignoring it). Paradigm Lost has been a joy to work on and I'll be putting in one more day's work on it (today).

After today I'm sad to say I have to put away PL for a few days! *Sniffle, sniffle* The deadline for Fair & Square round 12 is looming... actually its next Monday! Ooops how did time get away from me... oh right that darned Top Secret Project! This will be the last time I participate in Fair & Square, I've enjoyed the exchange... I think I've done about 10 rounds but I find I'm stitching the basic same type of designs over and over! I'm getting a little bored/tired of it, and wish I would of gotten partners with a wide range of tastes/requests. As much as Prarie Schooler and Cottage Country Needleworks, etc. is all the rage I've come to a point I just can't stand the stuff anymore! This primitive/simplistic stage that stitching is going through really isn't me (it never was), I've bought so little stash over the last two years, because this is all that's being put out on the market. So I'll be delving deep into my own stash and pulling out stuff I've bought over the years that I just love and keep meaning to stitch. I know styles and fads come in cycles and my tastes will come back around again in popularity.

I'll just get off of my soapbox now...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Long Weekend -- Day 3

Yesterday was much a repeat of yesterday, except I got a run in... so I won't bore you with the details, just the progress pictures!

I should be able to finish that motif today.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Long Weekend -- Day 2

Yesterday was a wonderfully lazy day! We slept in, watched movies, I stitched and took a nap and stitched some more! What more could a girl ask for?

Here's where I'm starting out this AM.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Start of My Long Weekend!

Its a four-day weekend for me, and I've really been looking forward to it! We have nothing special planned, except for dinner with Todd's folks on Sunday. We slept in this morning, had breakfast, now I can just settle in to stitch.

I worked a little bit on Paradigm Lost last night after I got home from all my running around. So here's where I'm at this morning before I put needle and thread to fabric....

I hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

DONE! Done! Done! Did I Mention its DONE???

Just a quick post! I stayed up past midnight to finish up that hated "Top Secret Project" yay! I am so relieved to have it done that its not funny! This project has been too long in the works, I think I started it January or February and kept working on it whenever I could between exchange deadlines... and well my nice March Break trip where I focused on ME!

The good news for my faithful readers (and yes, thank you for being my readers so much, you're the ones that keep me blogging and keep me encouraged when I hit rough patches)... stitching pictures can start again! We're on the cusp of a 4-day weekend (well for me it is I know, for some its a 3 day weekend) and I'm going to do nothing but work on Paradigm Lost. I'll be sure to give you daily updates Friday-Monday!

Now the bad news, this week's weigh in! Not good. I worked hard all week to maintain last weeks 4.5lb loss. Well my body truly rebelled! I GAINED 3.5lbs WTF!!!! Was the first thought that came to my mind. Why did my body rebel? I can think of several reasons...

1. Too much exercise, in the last week I went to the gym once, Taekwon-Do once, Cardio TaeBox once, ran one 5K, and ran two 10K's.
2. I have been one week artificial sweetener free - they weren't agreeing with me anymore
3. I've been off of my migraine medication for a week now (migraine free so far! Yay!)
4. My body isn't happy it went from nice and warm the last while to cold and snow (this one may be a bit of a stretch)
5. I ate all of my daily and weekly points.
6. I had pizza on Sunday (lots of salt!)

So those are my excuses, some are a stretch, some may be legitimate. This week I'm trying to stick to my daily points and only dip into my weekly points if I'm truly hungry (like growling stomach hungry). I'm also going to try to work out moderately, not like a mad woman!

I think the depressing thing is that I woke up Tuesday morning being 6lbs from goal and went to bed 9lbs from goal.

Anyhow, thanks for your continued support, it means so much!
Thanks for your continued

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Photo Hunt #146 "Chipped'

I have no stitching pictures to show you, its still slow going on that top secret project and I'm really hating it now and just want it done with!

So here's Photo Hunt #146 "Chipped"

The fellow chipped away at the block of ice to slowly reveal a sculpture. This was taken at the Ottawa Winterlude in 2008. I really need to make an effort to get down there annually to see the ice sculptures.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Well I Don't Know How I Managed THAT!!!

Well I got a huge surprise/shock at the scale last night! Somehow I lost 4.5 lbs this last week! I honestly have no clue on how I did this. I know I did my best to eat within my daily points, and not eat too many of my weekly points. I also exercised, made it to the gym twice and ran at home. I think I also finally relaxed a little over this and stopped stressing out about my weigh ins. I know stress can make your body hold onto its weight, my body will let it go when it wants to. My goal for this week is to keep those 4.5lbs off, if I loose a little well that's a bonus. This means I am now 6lbs from my goal weight!

I'm back at the top secret project. Its progressing, but slowly working out really cuts into a girl's stitching time!

Since it is April 1st I suppose I should review my goals for March and set new ones for April!

March Re-cap
Stitch two ornaments - Only got one done
Finish top secret project - Nope!
Work on Paradigm Lost - Yup, and enjoyed it!

April Goals
Finish top secret project
Stitch three ornaments (one to make up for March)
Work on Paradigm Lost

Stitch Fair and Square rd. 12 (the last round I'll be participating in)

Since I can't share the top secret project, how about an updated picture of Paradigm Lost????