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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cute! Cute! Cute!

Have I mentioned before how much I've enjoyed the stitching/finishing of the little ornament critters Just Nan has been putting out since late last year?  Well I certainly do!  Each one has been a joy to stitch and the finishing has been almost downright easy, a little fiddly at times but the instructions have been fantastic.

This weekend I started and finished up Just Nan's latest critter, Barnabee in Bloom.  He's the cutest bee I've ever seen!
Barnabee in Bloom
c2013 Just Nan
Stitched on 32ct Natural Linen

I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

Since I finished up Barnabee I picked up ABC Christmas Sampler again and I'm making good progress on "T" for Tree.

Just a word to those of you out there who love to stitch but are afraid of finishing... don't be!  Don't make that stop you from stitching some of the adorable, and creatively finished pieces out there.  Yeah its scary, but if something has good instructions its really not that hard!  Go ahead and try it, you have to start somewhere and the more finishing you do the better you'll get at it.  I can assure you if I show you some of my early ornament finishing pictures... downright scary at times!  So don't be afraid to try a new finishing technique!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

May WIPocalypse

Its that time in the moon-cycle again, time for the WIPocalypse.  I've not done one since the beginning of April so I have no true comparisons for you from the last one.  I've pretty much just been working on Kathy's ABC Christmas Sampler and I stitched one ornament.

So no surprises in when I'm going to show you here!

 My May ornament, Glad Tidings by Bent Creek

Kathy's ABC Christmas Sampler up to the letter S completed.

After I finished the letter "S" for Santa I have taken a break for a few days, and I'm working on a small!  If I don't waste a lot of time today, I should have a wee, adorable happy dance to share with you!

Photohunt : Copper

Wow, this is like two days late!  How unlike me!  This week's theme is "copper"

The Houses of Parliament in Ottawa have copper roofs.  As you can see by the difference in colour, the library recently had their roof replaced because its not oxidized.  This view is from across the river on the Quebec side.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Santa Finish and Glad Tidings Giveaway!

As I said the other day I worked on the Santa block on Kathy's ABC Sampler over the weekend, and my last progress report, you could see that I was getting close to finishing the "S" block.

I wrapped up the stitching on Santa late last night, and I wanted to go to bed more than blog.  I figured it could wait one more day.  So here it is, in all his Christmasy goodness!

Here's the whole sampler at a glance, as you can see I'm getting closer and closer to Z!

As promised last week I said I would give you until Wednesday to enter to win a chance to stitch the Glad Tidings chart I stitched up recently.  The winner is Andrea of the blog The Craft Room.  So the chart will be heading back across the pond where it came from!  Sally was kind enough to pass it on once she stitched it. I hope Andrea will do the same and pass it on when she's done stitching it.

Its spring here!  Finally!  Aren't the apple blossoms so pretty right now?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I managed to get in a few stitching hours Friday night, but then Saturday morning I packed up my car and headed down the 401 to visit Kathy.

We spent two and a half days visiting and stitching together! I made great progress on the Santa block on her ABC Christmas Sampler, but not quite a finish.

Not only did we stitch and visit, we got together with Beatrice and went and saw Star Trek : Into Darkness in 3D!!! Being a closet Trekkie I had to go opening weekend! OMG the movie was fantastic!!! If you're on the fence about seeing this in. The movies, trust me go and see it! I'll be going again this weekend to take my Mum, otherwise she won't go and see it.

- thanks for reading!

Location:Post IHSW

Friday, May 17, 2013

IHSW - May Edition

It's time for the IHSW, The Long Weekend Edition! Monday is a statutory holiday so I've got one extra day of stitching this month! Even better I'm heading out tomorrow morning to go stitch with Kathy for three days! Yay!!!

So here's my stitching before the weekend starts, as you can see Santa has his cap and the beginnings of a mighty fine beard. I'll update you after the weekend and how far along I get with Santa.

- thanks for reading!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

PhotoHunt Two-Fer

With my little blogging hiatus I did miss one PhotoHunt, for May 4th.  The theme that week was under, as usual I have a different interpretation of "under".

This poor glass is being subjected under high heat to "become" a vase!  I know lame!

This weeks theme is "glass" (see how I've connected the themes?  I am so clever!) I came across these two champagne glasses just laying in the grass after we all had a glass to celebrate a friend's nuptials at an outdoor wedding.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ABC-ing Along

So you're probably wondering what have I been working on since I went silent?  The last time I posted any stitchy related stuff prior to my silence I was working on Kathy's ABC Christmas Sampler, I was working stitching away on K for "King.  As you can see from the picture above, I've gotten King finished and more.

I finished "L", Lights and "R" Reindeer

Also "M" Mistletoe (N has been left blank O-Q have been stitched by others)

I've let my rotation drop for now as I'm getting the urge to finish up this piece.  I do have one new start to share with you, but that will wait for another post!

Speaking of Kathy, I'm off to visit with her this weekend and I can't wait!  When Bonnie came down for the weekend recently she also brought with her a belated birthday gift from Kathy (see what I mean about my birthday keeps giving?).  When she heard that this book was coming out, she just HAD to make sure I get a copy.  She knows I'm a huge fan of Michael Powell's designs!  I just love this little book and its got a lot of great little quick stitches in it!

Monday, May 13, 2013

May Ornament

This weekend between going out to the movies twice, spending time on Saturday with my Mum and Sunday with the in-laws I did manage some stitching time.  I had hoped to finish this up on Sunday, but there wasn't enough time.  So I wrapped up my ornament tonight!

Glad Tidings
c2003 Bent Creek
Stitched on: 40ct Raw Linen
Stitched with: DMC

I just love how this piece turned out!  Its small enough on 40ct to make me happy, I find I don't like large ornaments anymore.  I love things small and delicate.  I did have any of the WDW or GAST necessary to stitch this piece so I used the suggested DMCs instead.  In all honesty I didn't loose anything by stitching this up in standard colours.

Sally gifted this chart to me, and asked if I could please pass it on when I was done with it.  So here it is!  If you'd like to stitch up this lovely piece, and agree to pass it on you have one week (until May 20th) to leave a comment to express your interest.

When starting this piece I made use of the birthday gift I received from Bonnie.  This year my birthday seems to keep going, as I've received a couple of belated gifts (supply/mail delays).  Bonnie got me this great stitch starter/ruler that comes in a cute kitty case!  I knew the ornament was going to be 3x3 so I used it to figure out top center where I wanted to start!  I did also have another new start on May 1st and this came in oh so handy!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Sorry, I've been absent lately. I've been avoiding a lot of things lately, or easily put, I had checked out for the last few weeks. 

I do have a bot to catch you up on, but I'll save that for other blog posts. It's TUSAL time!

This month I've photographed my orts with the new "scissor (flower) frog". I found this one quite by accident when I was picking up the mail at my local General Store. I happened to actually look around... and the frog caught my eye. I picked it up, checked out the price... This beauty was a steal at $7.00, I was prepared to pay more so I'm a very happy girl over this purchase. 

Zeus was just too cute this evening, I have to share. She likes to sleep under the blanket I keep draped over an ugly, scratchy, hand-me-down chair we've got. It's Todd's chair, and it's so clear that she's Todd's cat (though I got her for myself). 

Friday, May 10, 2013

PhotoHunt - Lazy

Today's PhotoHunt theme is "Lazy"

No one has a more lazy life than a pig!