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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Here There and Everywhere

You'd think by the title of this post I was travelling, but nope!  It just perfectly describes my attention span (or lack there of) when it comes to stitching these last few weeks.  Or probably ADD is the best way to describe it.

I thought my last new start/finish would settle me down into one project but that didn't work.  Since my last post I've worked on (and those who know me well know that I don't usually have a lot of WIPs on the go nor do I bounce around from project to project) :

Cirque Des Triangles by Ink Circles, I started this on my trip to the Dominican Republic at the end of February.  These designs make fantastic travel projects, one thread colour and you don't have to hop all over the place.  Over the last couple of years I've started one of these "Cirque" designs on my annual "work trip" to the DR.  I'm stitching this on a piece of 32ct Queen Ann's Lace (which was disappointingly too "muddy" to stitch Spring Quakers on) with DMC 4022, which is a very striking combination and honestly makes me think of the ocean in the DR!  I worked on this for about a week after my Peacock Alphabet finish and managed to stitch up page 3, this means the top half is done.  I then promptly lost interest and put it away.

Next to see the light of day was The Big Red by The Silver Lining, I started this one many, many, many years ago and it has sat ignored until this past Christmas when I picked it up.  During my focus time on this piece over the holidays I managed to work my way up from the middle to the top and I've stitched pages 1-4. This piece is being stitched over one on 25ct summer khaki lugana using a combination of DMC and Anchor floss.  For about a night or two I plugged away on page 5, then it went away again.

Cranberry Christmas
Prairie Schooler
Stitched on 40ct Mellow from Picture This Plus
Stitched with DMC

Last week I decided, oh boy I haven't stitched an ornament in awhile!!!  This year I've even managed to get out of my habit of the monthly Christmas Ornament which I have done for years and years!  Some time ago I started stitching up the ornaments from Prairie Schooler's Cranberry Christmas chart.  These are being stitched over two on 40ct linen from Picture This Plus with three colours of DMC.  So this ornament got worked on for a couple of days, then put down for a new start (see what I mean!  Serious ADD here!), but I promptly made myself pick it back up on Sunday which resulted in a Happy Dance that evening!

New start did I say that?  Ahem yeah I did.  So I've thrown yet another project in the mix (and by the way I have yet to admit to all of my WIPs to you).  I've been talking with one of my stitching friends out our next Teresa Wentzler start and that it would be about a year out while I wait for Christin and Bonnie to FINISH The Fortunate Traveller (which I finished last year) so we can start Fantasy Triptych.   During these discussions this friend mentioned she was hating the piece of fabric she started The Guardian on...  So I thought on Friday I'd look at the chart in my stash, I knew I had it... well I had the kit... looking turned to sorting floss... sorting floss turned into a new start!  This has managed to hold my attention for oh four days in a row now!  Almost a record!

Tune in next time to see if I stick with The Guardian! (or follow me on Instagram for instant gratification @tkd_chick)