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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Obsesson Satisfied

This post is probably about a week overdue.  Last weekend I finally satisfied my obsession with Spring Quakers!  I finished it!  This was just one of those pieces I couldn't put down.  I started it on January 1st, 2016 and finished it 37 days later.  Also starting this project with me was Bonnie, who finished hers 5 hours later than me (amazing that we managed to finish our pieces on the same day), Christin who has barely touched hers but she's got another project she's trying to wrap up.  Also our friend Janice (no blog) started Winter Quakers because she had already done Spring and she finished her just a few days ago!

Spring Quakers
Rosewood Manor
Stitched on 28ct Lilac Grove Jubilee from Sugar Maple Fabrics
Stitched with Valdani Cotton Floss

Sorry I had a hard time getting a good clear picture but hopefully some of of the following closeups will help give you a better idea of just how lovely the colours are.

As previously mentioned I had planned to stitch mine on Queen Ann's Lace Joblean by Whichelt.  However the piece I got was rather "muddy" that it just wouldn't work with the floss colours.  I find though I love Queen Ann's Lace as a staple in my stash I hate the fact that there are wide variations in the dye lot sometimes, and this was one of them.  After a stash dive I settled on my last piece from the long out of business Sugar Maple Fabrics and though I was reluctant to use my piece of Lilac Grove I'm so happy with how it turned out.

As I've been working on this piece and sharing progress pictures, I got a lot of questions about what thread I was using to stitch this piece both from my Facebook and Instagram followers.  I went ahead and used the Valdani threads as  the design was charted.  Since I stitched it on 28ct I used all three strands as they came off of the ball (and a bigger needle I usually stitch with a 28).  I was a little worried about the Valdani threads as I heard a lot of talk about how awful they were to work with.  Over the years I heard complaints about how it tangled and frayed.  I had none of these problems I found it quite nice to stitch with.  I just had to use the recommended threads because of how vibrant they were!  I will certainly be doing the other seasons in Valdani threads in the future!

Next time I buy some stash I'll have to start sourcing out the Valdani threads for the rest of the seasons!!!!

Cranberry Christmas
Prarie Schooler
Stitched on 40ct New Castle Linen, Mellow from Picture This Plus
Stitched with DMC Cotton Floss

After I finished Spring Quakers I needed to stitch up my February Ornament.  I have continued with Cranberry Christmas by Prarie Schooler.  I'm stitching these on 40ct and I'm as usual just loving it!

Next up for finishing is my friend Julie's Joan Elliot Oriental Ladies Round Robin.  Julie had one spot left on her Round Robin after it came back a few years ago and I offered to stitch the last spot for her, she has a silver Buddha planned for this spot and as you can see I've got a fair start on it.  We've got a long weekend and its far too told to go anywhere unless you have to, so I'm sure this will get finished this weekend.

I have a new start to get kitted up soon.  I leave in a few weeks for my annual Dominican Experience trip and over the last few years I've stitched Cirque des Cirque, Cirque des Coeurs and Cirque des Carreaux all from Ink Circles.  This just leaves me Cirque des Triangles left to stitch!  One of my "to do" things this weekend is to get this kitted up and and during the upcoming week get a working copy made.  These pieces have been great to stitch on the plane and while I travel.

Finally Zeus was being rather pretty this morning so I just had to take a few pictures of her.