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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Freebie SAL Happy Dance And August Goals

This weekend has been Freebie Stitch A Long Weekend over at Needle and Thread (link on sidebar). Slowly for months I've been pulling together the specialty fibers necessary to stitch Judy Dixon's Floral Garden. Finally the last one showed up at the beginning of July! So finally I could stitch it!

Tomorrow I'm off to Kingston for the third weekend in a row. Christin and I will be spending the day stitching with Beth! Hmmm now what to take to stitch on... Celtic Band Sampler, or Mini Cottages 2. I'll probably take both and see what I'm in the mood for!

July Recap :
Stitch part 1a of Mini Mystery J - And stitched part 1b
Stitch part 1 of Midi Mystery 1 - And stitched part 2
Work on Celtic Band Sampler - A wee bit
Stitch 1 ornament - Yes
DD SAL - Yes, a HD
Freebie SAL - Yes, a HD

August Goals :
Stitch part 2 of Mini Mystery J
Focus on Celtic Band Sampler
Stitch 1 ornament
Freebie SAL

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Happy Birthday Todd!

Todd is 32 today! Its a low key birfday around here. We had breakfast with his parents and we picked up his DQ Blizzard cake. I gave him the two die cast car models I bought for him in Kingston this morning. I have two more gifts I'd like to get him but I never had a chance last week because he was home on holidays and had my car most of the time.

When we got home we puttered in the yard. I started digging up a small strip along the side of the house where once I buy soil to put in there I'll be dividing and transplanting my daylillies there so I can get them out of my iris bed where they have been taking over!

I scanned my Michael Powell today, to show what progress I've made over the last week! I have conquered the sky and I got all the white done (might not be too obvious). This piece is whipping right along!

Mini Cottages 2

I've got a nice start on my Judy Dixon freebie which I will go focus on once I'm done here on the computer!

Did It!!!!

You'd almost think in record time as well. I've just finished part 2 of Midi Mystery 1 from Chatelaine. Its still gorgeous and I still love it! Now I can spend the rest of the weekend participating in the Needle and Thread (link on sidebar) Freebie Stitch-A-Long!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bye Bye Celtic Band Sampler... Sniffle

Well after only one night's work I'm putting Celtic Band Sampler aside again. We've just gotten part 2 of Midi Mystery 1 from Chatelaine today. So I'll get that done ASAP so I'll have a longer period of time to focus on Celtic Band Sampler before part 3 comes out!

Now a good bit of news, now that this month's ornament is done I've been able to work on Michael Powell's Mini Cottages II during my breaks and lunch at work! I have now conquered the sky!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Its Been Awhile Since You've Seen This!

It only got about two hours of my attention tonight, I've been having trouble with headaches again. My biggest problem really is that I'm no longer allowed to take aspirin or any pain killers with an aspirin/ASA component until I go for a special test in the fall. Sooo I have to suffer through it.

So without further ado... here's my first Celtic Band Sampler scan in a month!

And well my little black cat was being super cute again, he dug himself into my basket of quilting fabrics (seems to think they're just for him!) So here he is again!

Busy Weekend, But its Finally Finished

It took me longer than expected to finish that ornament. By 10pm on Friday it still wasn't finished (despite my desperate attempts!), Saturday I never touched a needle but I got it done just in time for bed last night!

So clickity click here and you can see it. Once again its top secret for those in my Ornament RR unless you want to spoil the surprise! Now my only complaint is who designs something that's 69x69 stitches, decides it should be over one and whoila its an ornament! This piece was quite a bit of work and if stitched over two would be a good size!

This long weekend was a busy one (I took Friday off). I spent all day Friday in Cornwall with Chrisanne stitching away! I also got to raid her mother's fantastic gardens and got some perennials for my beds which are lacking this year.

Saturday morning I taught two classes at Taekwon-Do, quite a few new students suddenly, which is great! Then I drove out to visit with my friend Alison and meet her new baby. I was able to visit until 2:30 when I had to head home to be picked up by my parents. We went to Kingston where we had dinner at the Lockmaster and went to Old Fort Henry where the Kingston Symphony Orchestra was performing 1812 Oveture. Now 1812 was really cool and so were the two other classical pieces they played but most of the evening was a compilation of Billy Joel and Elton John backed up by the orchestra. Which I don't really like too much. So that was a shame but you can't beat an evening's entertainment (with cannons) for 25.00

Sunday I got to finally go out to the cottage! I fished... and got skunked then I slept all afternoon in my awesome and most comfortable ever hammock!

Tonight I'm going to pull Celtic Band Sampler back out until August 1st when Midi Mystery 1 part 2 will be released!

Friday, July 22, 2005

SBQ and a Stitchy Day!

I'm a bit behind with my Stitching Bloggers Question of the Week! So here it is :

Q: Have you ever done a color conversion? If so, what did you think about your results and would you do it again? If not, would you like to try someday?

A: I've done some minor conversions, but never on a big piece. I changed a white unicorn to blue once but that's about it. I like most pieces as they are and see no reason to mess with them.

Today I'm off to visit with another stitching friend! I'm going to hang out with Chrisanne in Cornwall today! Oh the mileage on my car, car!

I'm hoping to finish my ornament today and get some work in on Celtic Band Sampler.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I Did It!

Yay its taken me all evening but I have started and finished part 1b of Mini Mystery J by Martina Weber. I'm not in love with this piece but it looks a lot better than it did in part 1. Which I'm relieved about.

Next on the agenda is my monthly ornament which is part of the RR I'm in!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Happy Dance, A Mystery Part Finished, and a Black Beast!

I had a fantastic weekend visiting with Ann! Oh and well we stitched a lot too! Actually almost every waking hour! LOL.

I started out early Saturday morning and drove into Kingston first. I had to stop at the Die Cast Car Gallery and pick up something for Todd's upcoming birthday. He collects die cast models. Then I proceeded up to Beth's house where we had a great visit, I hated to leave there was so much catching up to do! But I'll be seeing her again on the 1st of August so there will be more time!

I hopped back in the car and drove the last leg to Brighton where Ann (owner of LNS/ONS
Knowledge and Needles) was waiting for me to arrive. We stitched all afternoon, I worked on part 1 of Midi Mystery 1 and Ann finished off A Little Peace and Quiet from Dragon Dreams then she moved onto working on Dracolair's Gaelic Banner. Ann prepared an excellent dinner for me then we watched two movies that we rented while we stitched, Miss Congeniality 2 (not as funny as the first but still good) and Hitch (a little too slow in places it was an okay movie).

Today was another stitching marathon while Ann's husband Dan made us breakfast, lunch and dinner! I finally finished Midi Mystery 1 - Part 1 this afternoon (took a full day longer than I thought it would). This photo really doesn't do the colours any justice, but trust me its stunning and vibrant!

Since it was (well it still is according to my clock) Dragon Dreams Sunday over at my BB, Needle and Thread I started the current freebie in the Dragon Dreams online Newsletter. Which I finished shortly after dinner. Here she is :

After my Happy Dance it was time to come home, as I had a 3 hour drive to do. Thank you Ann and Dan for having me over this weekend and just letting me chill out, stitch, and eat way too much excellent food!

Next on my stitching list is to get part 1b of Mini Mystery J done.

And finally... a big, scary black beast! (my baby)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Off Visiting!!!

This is something I love about the summer you seem to get back in touch with everyone! This weekend I'm off to visit my good friend Ann, owner of Knowledge and Needles. I'll be stopping in to visit my friend Beth along the way.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Its Nice To Have An "At Work" Project Again

During the school year I don't take my breaks very often. Its just not an easy thing to do (only those who work in schools will understand) But in the summer I definitely take my morning and afternoon breaks. So I've started stitching at work again. Which is nice, its a bit of relaxation time for me. I pulled out the long ignored and unloved Mini Cottages 2 by
Michael Powell.

I thought I'd share a progress pic with everyone!

As you can see I'm trying to get the sky out of the way first!

Part 1b of Mini Mystery J is out today. I've downloaded it but I think I'll finish Midi Mystery 1 part 1 first before I pick up my Mini Mystery again. Once these two are done I'll be free to work on my other projects for the rest of July.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week

Q : What do you do when you have some sort of obligation stitching to do,but don't want to do it?

A : I try to avoid obligation stitching because it can and does become a bit of a chore. When there is something I can't avoid stitching (which has happened) I try to alternate it with something I really enjoy so that there are "rewards" for working on that obligation piece.

Well I'm still plugging away at part 1 of Midi Mystery 1. This one is going to be so gorgeous!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Mini Mystery J Part 1a - Done

And so far I don't like it. I don't like how the colours go together. So far they don't work. I keep thinking of a ball of clay after a kid has mixed all the colours together. The beads and crystals are pretty but that's all this piece has going for it so far. Hopefully part 1b will help pull things together?

This is the first time I've had a strong feeling of dislike for a Chatelaine Design.

Now onwards and upwards with Midi Mystery 1 part 1.
Stitching Blogger's Question Of the Week

Q : Do you think that you stitch neater on Evenweave than you do on Aidacloth? If so, why?

A : I find this one a little tough to formulate an answer for. Yes. I do find my stitching neater. Why? Well if you're taling about 1/4 stitches the answer is obvious. Unlike aida the hole is already there you don't have to punch a hole in the middle of the fabric. Thus your stitches are always uniform. Why else would it be neater, experience. When I was an unexperienced stitcher I used only aida as I have matured as a stitcher I have moved onto nicer and prettier fabrics and with experience comes neatness!
A Few Wedding Piccys...

My webspace is behaving today so I've uploaded a few piccys from the wedding.

First here I am in my "finery" Please keep in mind I had no choice in colour.

Next myself and the bride (ick my arms look FAAATTT! And my farmer's tan is sooo obvious!) Maybe the official photographer made me look better ;-)

Here's the Bride and Groom after the ceremony

The Bride and Groom with their wedding gift from us

And finally my favorite : the shotgun wedding!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Stitching Goals

First for the June Recap...

June Goals :
Stitch 1 page on Noah's Sub - Um no barely touched it
Stitch 2 more bands on Celtic Band Sampler - Yup!
Stitch 1 ornament - Yup!Stitch 1 Wee Beastie - Nope
Stitch 1 Freebie - Yes
Participate in DD SAL - Nope
Finish Mini Mystery i - Yes

July Goals :
Stitch part 1a/1b of Mini Mystery J
Stitch part 1 of Midi Mystery 1
Work on Celtic Band Sampler
Stitch 1 ornament
Freebie SAL

If all goes well I should have part 1a of Mini J finished today. I also have to fit in groceries, a banking appointment and a soccer game so we'll see. If I get that done I'll move onto Midi 1 next.
Stitching Goals

First for the June Recap...

June Goals :
Stitch 1 page on Noah's Sub - Um no barely touched it
Stitch 2 more bands on Celtic Band Sampler - Yup!
Stitch 1 ornament - Yup!Stitch 1 Wee Beastie - Nope
Stitch 1 Freebie - Yes
Participate in DD SAL - Nope
Finish Mini Mystery i - Yes

July Goals :
Stitch part 1a/1b of Mini Mystery J
Stitch part 1 of Midi Mystery 1
Work on Celtic Band Sampler
Stitch 1 ornament
Freebie SAL

If all goes well I should have part 1a of Mini J finished today. I also have to fit in groceries, a banking appointment and a soccer game so we'll see. If I get that done I'll move onto Midi 1 next.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

I Played at European Cross Stitch Today!

Aaaah I had a great afternoon today! Claire and I drove out to Cindy's house, she's running European Cross Stitch for Kathy, the owner. We had a great couple of hours visiting and chatting with Cindy! We also got to see her charming sons again (I last met Cindy a couple of years ago on a previous visit to Chattanooga.) and meet her enthusiastic dogs. She also has two lovely horses. It was also awesome to be sitting in a room full of silks, beads, Swarovski crystals, and all the other goodies that Cindy sells. I was hoping to pick up a kit in person for the Medieval Village Mandala class that starts in October from Chatelaine. But Cindy didn't have all the supplies in yet.

But that didn't stop me from shopping and spending, my wallet a little lighter. Also Cindy was quite excited to swipe someone's plastic in person for the first time! I picked up only charts from European Cross Stitch. I got :

Passione Ricamo - Winter Roses
Long Dog Sampler - Rosemarkie, Plight of Fancy, Virtue
Derfeine Faden - Star with spirals (Spiralenstern), Pansies (Stiefmutterchen)

My next blog will be from home.
One Last Day In Tennessee

Today is my last full day in Tennessee before flying back home tomorrow. We have a very early flight out of Atlanta tomorrow morning, 9:30 which means we have to be there at 7:30 which means we have to leave here about 5:30. Urgh. The Atlanta/Ottawa run only goes up in the morning back in the afternoon. So there's no choice! But the advantage is we'll be home by lunchtime!!!

It will be nice to get home and see my boys! Oh yes and to get some stitching in. This 6 day trip has been a very busy one for us. There hasn't been much stitching time. When I have managed to get some stitching done its been on Michael Powell's Mini Cottages 2 in the car. I made a counting mistake in the sky so I'll have to fix that before I can move on with it. I did bring Celtic Band Sampler with me but I haven't picked it up yet.

Lets see what's happened since I last blogged. Thursday we headed up to Knoxville, but not before we stopped for breakfast where I ate at an American Institution for travelers... Cracker Barrel! Whenever I've driven the American highways I've passed a million of these but never stopped. I have to say I had a very good breakfast there. I even found a little pressie for my Mum in the shop.

Once we reached Knoxville we checked into our hotel that we were staying in until Saturday. We didn't have much time to settle in before we were heading out to the Bride's parents house, the groom needed to try on his tux. The bride saw my bridesmaid dress for the first time as well. Myself and the matron of honour were quite releived she loved the dresses we chose. Then we were off in the car again, this time to the mall where the Groom had to get his tux altered and I needed to find something to wear for the rehearsal as everyone was dressing "nice". You see unless I'm told I have to get dressed up I will only pack casual clothing. My suitcase is full of shorts and t-shirts! I managed to pick up a nice skirt for a good price at J.C. Penny's that would go with a plain white t-shirt I packed. The skirt would of looked better with a fancier top but oh well you do your best under pressure. We had a little bit of time back at the hotel before we hit the road yet again.

This time we were on our way to the rehearsal. Which went without a hitch. Friend of the Bride and her parents hosted the rehearsal dinner. Boy we were treated well and I must thank them for opening their beautiful home to us with excellent food and drink! I know that EVERYONE enjoyed the evening. Finally it was time for us to retire to the hotel, where we congregated in the gazebo with adult beverages and talked until after midnight.

With the wedding being in the evening we didn't have to wake up super early... thank goodness! But the Bride and I started our morning with a swim in the pool then breakfast. Once we were showered and dressed for the day we were off and running, getting our hair done and off to the church on time. Boy did we get there just in time! Not for the wedding, but before the heavens opened up! While waiting for the rest of the wedding party I painted the Bride's nails. When her mother arrived we discovered she had found a veil outside on the ground! In our mad dash to the church we had somehow dropped the front veil! Next thing you know we're rushing around getting dressed, makeup on and getting photographs! Before you know it we're all walking down the aisle. I almost lost it when the wedding march started and my best friend and her father came down the aisle. She was beautiful!

The ceremony and reception went off without a hitch! The happy couple, myself, the groomsmen, my other half, and a couple of friends of the Bride's all went back to the hotel where we met up in the courtyard with all the adult beverages we could find, some games and some music. We celebrated early into the morning!

Saturday morning we all slept until as late as we could, checked out of the hotel and had brunch at the Bride's parents house. Before heading back to Chattanooga, I got to stop in Jo-Ann's I picked up that 844 DMC that I ran out of for Celtic Band Sampler, a couple of yards of fabric and a good deal on a kit to make a fleece ragged quilt! I can't even buy the fabric for that much! All I have to do is sew the pieces together and whoila!

Upon returning to Claire's we relaxed and napped the afternoon and early evening away. We ate dinner at Chili's where I discovered the joy of 2 for 1 drinks (you know the adult kind!). I have never, ever, ever, had 2 for 1 drinks back home! The rest of the night was spent relaxing and watching movies.

I'm not sure exactly what we're doing today. I think there's a trip to Wally World planned and a visit with Cindy of ECS!