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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Start And Finish

I know, I know, it's been far too long since I've last blogged. For some reason I have found the process of getting pictures off of my Cannon DSL on to the computer, editing them and blogging from my laptop such a burden. Lately I've been thinking about blogging again, I don't know why I just have.  So I'm going to try this on my iPad with not as great quality pictures, but it should be easier and faster and hopefully I'll blog regularly again. 

I've been busy stitching that's for sure, but not to be overwhelmed with a massive catchup post I'm just going to start with NOW. 

At the moment I'm in the middle of several good-sized projects, two are over one, two are over two and one is on 40 count. Lately I've not been committed or "feeling" any one piece, I've just been going with what I have the energy for or what's closest to hand. 

Despite quite a few projects on the go I've had the urge for a new start! On Saturday I was rather impulsive and kitted up yet another project!  For some reason I've been thinking about Just Nan's Peacock Alphabet... So I dive into the stash, pulled all the necessary threads and started it Saturday afternoon!

By Sunday night I started the beading, but my eyes were done and I put it away, not quote finished! The horror, I know! Monday I had a stitchy date with my good friend Janice so I was able to celebrate my happy dance with a good friend!

Peacock Alphabet by Just Nan
32ct Opalescent Lugana, GAST, DMC & Mill Hill Beads

I'm just in love with the blues and greens in this, the fabric, of course sparkly, the beads lovely and the button gorgeous!!!!!  This was an enjoyable, fast stitch.