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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fair & Square, Stitching Bloggers Birthday Exchange & an HD

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments on my holiday photos! It encourages me to get out and shoot more!
I've received a few things in the mail lately that I'd like to share with you!

While on holiday round 11 of Fair and Square arrived from Beth H., it wasn't until late last week I had time to pick up my mail and I just haven't had the time since then to share them with you. They are lovely and will look great in my friendship quilt!

Today I got another parcel in the mail, this time it was from Anna! She sent me this wonderful Stitching Blogger's Birthday Exchange parcel full of goodies! She stitched me a gorgeous pinkeep and ornament! She also included variegated floss (which I love!), scissors, and was very thoughtful to include some Weight Watchers chocolates for me. Thank you so much Anna you sure made my day!!!

On the weekend I started one of what was supposed to be two ornaments for March... I'm obviously not going to have time for that second one this month, I'll have to do three in April! Its an online freebie off of a blog, I think someone else may have stitched it and linked to it.

Sapin Noel
cGazette 94
Stitched on 32ct Blue Spruce Lugana using Needle Necessities #110

Tonight I weigh in... I hope that pound I put on last week is gone! A little bit more would be nice.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finally! The Retreat Post!

I'm finally at the point of wrapping up my March Break report. I had typed up my entry on my day at the beach a few days ago and just posted it in... please see the post before my b-day post, for some reason I guess things get posted in the order you composed them in, not in the order you posted them in.

Friday was pretty much a day of travel for me, I was up at 4:30, on a plane before 7am. Two planes later and one flight entertaining an 8 year old girl I was back in Syracuse. The next stage of my travels was hopping back in the car and driving almost 4 hours to.... yup! Brighton! This year Ann decided to try putting on a Spring Retreat at the Timberhouse B&B, where we had our retreat in November.

I arrived at 6pm, and after 12 hours of travel and lugging my suitcase (very big) up to the 3rd floor I grabbed Christin and told her I HAD to go for a walk!
Wendie and Rebbecca
Ann and Sharon hiding

Friday evening we stitched our little hearts out. Of course with a break for a pot-luck dinner! Beatrice had gotten a cake to celebrate some of the birthdays just passed and ones upcoming. It was very good cake!
Saturday we all stitched our little hearts out yet again!
Our hostess Ann at breakfast
Beatrice chatting after Saturday's breakfast.
Judie, Barb and Sheila checking out something stitching related.
At 1pm we all travelled en Mass to Ann's house for a fantastic lunch made by Chef Dan, and his Sous Chef!
The sun room was all set up for our lunch
Here's the Before

Here it is on my plate

Here's dessert

And here's the aftermath! (can you tell it was very good???)

As you can see everyone was enjoying the meal.

Sunday we all stitched until the lunch hour, and then sadly it was time to pack up. Retreat was over, and March Break was over.
Oh.... I can't forget poor Paddy! See how sad she was to find other dogs on my blog!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Today I'm 33!

(I stole this picture from Christin's blog since its hard to take your own picture when you're sleeping)

Its my birthday today! Well, it will be for another 30 minutes them my day will be over.

I want to say thanks to the special people in my life like Christin who are always so thoughtful and make you feel special on your birthday. Though today was a normal day... I went to work, I did the groceries, and laundry. Christin gave me a lovely pair of earrings that match my favourite necklace, bought me dinner and flowers! The ladies at work also got me some spring bulbs and a copy of the British Cross Stitcher magazine, oh and cake!

As usual Todd does a great job in the gift department... I asked for a plane ticket to Florida (last week's trip). He does a down right shitty job of making you feel good on that special day. I did get a quick b-day kiss this am (before 7, so wayyyy to early!). But there's no card, no flowers, no treat. Nothing to make me feel like its anything than a normal day. Actually we didn't spend any time together at all, he's in bed and I'm doing the laundry. He just doesn't get it. I don't know why each year I think this year will be different ... its not. All I want is a crappy card from the dollar store with a few words in it. Is it that hard to do?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blast From The Past... The Beaches aka Last Day in Florida

Well we're now up to Thursday of my trip to Florida, and my last full day in paradise (well paradise to a sun and heat starved Canadian!)

Claire and I started out our day with a trip to every stitcher's favourite place... the needlework store! We hit A Stitch in Time and must of spent at least an hour and a half there! Claire was organized and had a shopping list. I wasn't, so I was in serious browse mode. I must say my haul was quite disappointing for such a large shop. Either I must have it all (not likely) or as I assume designers just aren't putting out much that suits my tastes. I left the shop with two small charts, a Heinzit and a JBW, and a few specialty fibers.

Needlework shopping is a very exhausting activity so Claire and I just had to go to the nearby mall to have lunch. Oh and do a little more shopping of course! We followed up our shopping trip with a walk on two of the area beaches. Frist we went to Jax Beach followed by Atlantic Beach.

It was beautiful at the beach!

I got this guy at just the right moment!

This is my first run-in with a jellyfish... what an ugly bugger!

As you can see Claire was really enjoying the sun!

My evening was spent doing laundry, and packing my bag for the trip back North in the morning!

Flashback... St. Simon's Island, Georgia

Back to my Florida adventures!

Wednesday finally allowed me an opportunity to sleep in! While Claire had a work meeting to go to I got to snooze and stitch. While stitching, I patiently waited with the dogs... Charlotte and Dargo (boy I bet Paddy and Mollie are absolutely jealous right now, I have other dogs on my blog!!!) for Claire to come home.

It was another lovely but cooler day in Florida, and mid-morning Claire and I hopped in the car and headed north to St. Simon's Island, Georgia. This trip was to have lunch with Claire's parents. It was so nice to see them again, they are just too cute for words! We had a nice little lunch out then Claire's dad was a sweetie and drove us around to see all the points of interest on the island.

Claire's Dad also stopped by the parish he works at for me to see it. Wow! What gorgeous grounds and beautiful church! I think anyone would be happy to pray here!
Our day ended with dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse in Jacksonville with Claire's hubby. What a fun and delicious experience. I thought it was rude to take pictures while the chef was cooking our food there in front of us, and setting things on fire. So no pictures!

Time Warp... Day At The Zoo

Today I got my first e-mail asking me if I was okay (thanks Dan!) I've not blogged in over a week now. So what are my excuses? During my vacation I was tired and busy, since I've gotten home... I've been just plain tired/exhausted! I haven't had the energy to go through my pictures or the inspiration to blog.

A lot has happened since my last entry, like I mentioned I went to the Jacksonville Zoo last Tuesday. That's what I'll show you in this entry is my visit to the zoo. My next entry will be about mine and Claire's little day trip to St. Simon's Island, Ga. Then it will be my last full day in Jacksonville which we went to the beach. Friday I flew back to Syracuse, hopped into my car and went to a stitching retreat in Brighton! Which is why Dan was checking in on me I've not posted any of those pictures yet! LOL poor Dan he wants you all to see the mouthwatering meal he made us! Soon Dan!

After this last week of a lot of meals out, and the B&B weekend I wasn't surprised to find out at my WW meeting that I put one pound. Which to be considered isn't really bad.

Now onto my day at the Zoo. For a second day in a row I was up early to drive Claire into work so I could steal her car. I got to the Zoo just before it opened, LOL actually I was the second car in the parking lot! I decided to go for the whole shebang when I was there, I got entry to the zoo, the train ride, and I got to pet the singrays.
The day started out beautiful and sunny with temperatures in the low to mid 70's. But as the day went on towards lunch things clouded over and I started to worry that I'd get rained on, but mother nature took pity on me and kept the rain away.

Here's a sample of the 530 pictures I took!