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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flashback... St. Simon's Island, Georgia

Back to my Florida adventures!

Wednesday finally allowed me an opportunity to sleep in! While Claire had a work meeting to go to I got to snooze and stitch. While stitching, I patiently waited with the dogs... Charlotte and Dargo (boy I bet Paddy and Mollie are absolutely jealous right now, I have other dogs on my blog!!!) for Claire to come home.

It was another lovely but cooler day in Florida, and mid-morning Claire and I hopped in the car and headed north to St. Simon's Island, Georgia. This trip was to have lunch with Claire's parents. It was so nice to see them again, they are just too cute for words! We had a nice little lunch out then Claire's dad was a sweetie and drove us around to see all the points of interest on the island.

Claire's Dad also stopped by the parish he works at for me to see it. Wow! What gorgeous grounds and beautiful church! I think anyone would be happy to pray here!
Our day ended with dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse in Jacksonville with Claire's hubby. What a fun and delicious experience. I thought it was rude to take pictures while the chef was cooking our food there in front of us, and setting things on fire. So no pictures!


Angela said...

Love this bridge picture, you captured it perfectly!

Gabi said...

I really really love your pictures Dani. All are just beautiful. I wish my pics would turn out that nice.

CindyMae said...

Those are gorgeous pics! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Brigitte said...

These pictures are very inviting again. I particularly love the trees. I have never seen this kind of trees here, they look like they belong onto a fairy tale.