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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

A Happy Dance! A Happy Dance!

But alas, I cannot share for it is a gift for my Seasonal Exchange partner through the TWBB. I hope to put it together on Friday and get it in the mail ASAP. As soon as my partner receives it I can share ;-)

This leaves me a little time to get some stitches in on Mini Cottages III. I can't believe it for the first time in a long time I have met all my stitching goals in a month and believe me there were a lot of them!

Monday, June 28, 2004

Voting and Surprises in the E-mail!

Its election day here in Canada. To date (now I'm not that old!) there hasn't been an election where I've been more disgusted with our major parties than this one. If I didn't feel so strongly about exercising my right to vote, I wouldn't of. But I did, and I don't expect the candidate I voted for to win, but I refuse to vote for any of the major parties.

Anyhow onto the better part of my day! I got a surprise e-mail today from Martina of Chatelaine Designs a certain "Penguin" has bought me a membership to Mini Mystery F!!!! Yes I know who this penguin is! What a thoughtful gift and I can't wait for my kit to show up so I can keep up with this mystery as well, its a Ruby theme and promises to be quite dazzling! Many thanks to a kind Penguin out there!

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Of Good Friends, Stitching... and Trees???

This weekend was a road trip weekend for me!

Friday I picked up my friend Christin and on my way to Brighton I dropped her off in Kingston. It was nice to have company for the drive!

I got to my friend Ann's (owner of Knowledge and Needles) in time for dinner where I was wowed by her husband's cooking prowess! Dan's chicken was delicious! Ann and I stitched the evening away, what better way to spend Friday night? A good friend, a little wine and a little stitching?

Saturday dawned sunny and cool and Ann and I spent the morning stitching, not something we both normally get to do we admitted! Near lunchtime a bit of a storm blew through but nothing incredibly violent. It was while we were eating lunch that we noticed one of Ann's trees had come down and it was blocking an entire lane of the road out front.

We were saved by a kind gentleman whose job was to trim trees. He kindly got out his chainsaw (Ann's happened to be in the shop of all places!) and cut down the offending branches while Ann and I hauled them away.

I tell you sometimes I have the most interesting adventures!

Oh yes during the past week I made Ann a scissor fob as a little thank you for letting me invite myself over. I'm paticuarly happy with this one it was hard to let go!

Saturday afternoon I headed back to Kingston where I went to visit with my friend Beth and once again, stitched, stitched, stitched! Beth fed me a fantastic meal of "Political Chicken" as her husband called it (Chicken catchatory sp?). As usual I could stay there and chat forever with Beth, her husband and daughter they are such a wonderful family! But I met up with Christin and we headed back home. I made it back in my door at 1am.

It was a great weekend!

Monday, June 21, 2004

Back on my Feet Again

And it seems like I'm off running as usual! I was sick all week last week, unfortunately due to my schedule at work I wasn't able to take a day or two off to get better so it just dragged on and on and on.

I've made some good progress on Bandon Light I should be finished pages 1&3 shortly. My gift for the seasonal exchange I'm in is barely started... but its started.

Yesterday and today I framed two more pieces. First was the LAST school letter this one for a retiree... I'm not so happy with it but oh well (I think a little too much Burgundy)

The second piece I did today and I'm just soooo pleased with it and I'm sure my patron will be as well.

And while I'm showing pictures I got the cutest picture of my cat Hunter he looks just too pleased with himself after he kicked Cuddles off of the bed (my other cat).

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Wooo Hoo! Another Stitching Goal Met!

Wow I'm zipping right along this month! Tonight I finished up my portion on a Wee Beasties Round Robin. It would of been done last night but I had another bout of the stomach flu (ick).

Here's Terrance Nolan's Blue Orchid Bee c2000

I also managed to get in about 30 minutes on Bandon Lighthouse. I've also kitted up another project for my travel project which is also a gift in an exchange... I hope I get that done by July 2nd! I'd like it done before but its a bit ambitious, yet appropriate!

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Busy, Yet Productive!

Let's start with the big event for the weekend.

mystery VI part 6 is FINISHED!!!

I was hoping to have this done late Friday night but no dice, but it was finished early Saturday morning!!! I am soooo glad to have a break from Mystery VI until the beginning of July. I think I've been pretty much working on this piece since part 3/4 was released. It feels like its been non-stop stitching on this piece.

Next I picked up and focused on my 2nd Christmas Ornament for the month of June. I've been working on Teresa Wentzler's Beginner's White Work Ornament (freebie on her webpage) on a 28ct mystery fabric. Mystery because I'm not exactly sure what type or what colour the fabric is. My guess is 28ct mauve joblean. I stitched this piece using plain ole' DMC white, and I left out the beads because I find the piece too crowded with them.

So here is Teresa Wentzler's Beginner's White Work Ornament c2001

I finished this between driving to the wedding we attended yesterday and this morning watching Coronation Street. Next I should work on my Wee Beasties Round Robin, that should stitch up quickly and is already kitted and ready to go! I'm whipping through my goals this month!

This afternoon I framed one of the last school letters for graduating students at work (this brings up to 9 I think!). Now I still have to frame the 2 for retiring teachers, but I'm waiting on what is wanted on the little engraved plate to be included with the letter, I'm going to have to push for those this week! I have an idea of what moulding I'd like to pick up and I think its only going to be single or double matted.

Tonight I'm out at the Matthew Good concert downtown. I can't wait, the last time I saw Matt Good I went crowd surfing for the first time ever. It was the most terrifying yet thrilling thing I've done so far! Boy do you ever get an adrenaline rush from that!

Lets hope this upcoming week is just as productive!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Gettin' Stuff Done!

Slowly things I need to get done are disappearing off of my "to do" list! I've gotten another framing job done, and while I was at it I framed something for myself!

First, the framing job... I have to say I'm very happy with the results for this piece and so was my client.

For myself I finally framed my "Purple Wanna Bee" by Terrance Nolan. I picked the frame because it has brown/brass highlights and I wanted to pull out the colours of the stitched border since this is what is done with all the "Wee Beasites" I hope to someday stitch them all and would like to frame them the same way.

Tonight I got a good start on the 4th and final gazebo for Mystery VI.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Another Weekend Gone

The weekends never seem long enough anymore to fit in everything I'd like to get done!!!

Saturday I worked out in my gardens again and I have one more plot cleared and planted. I started another but the root system of the grass and weeds that have over taken it are so entrenched in the soil that I almost put my back out over it. So I've left it for another day. In the evening I had my folks over for supper and we watched the hockey game, hoping that Calgary was going to win The Cup.

Today I pretty much spent my day at TKD, it is testing time again and I was there to help out.

With all this stuff going on I really didn't get in as much stitching time as I had hoped. However, I did finish off the 3rd gazebo for Mystery 6... that leave one to go and part 6 will be DONE!!!!

Thursday, June 03, 2004


Since about May 18th I've been fighting a migraine, the same one, day after day. These things pretty much make me feel like crap physically and emotionally. I'm crusty, I sleep, and I don't feel like doing the things I love (aka stitching).

Today for some odd reason its gone, *poof*! Just like that. How or why I don't know! For weeks I've been trying sleep, and medications, caffeine, no caffeine. Nothing has worked, nothing has given me relief. Two days ago I decided to finally stop medicating, could that be it? Or maybe I've finally decided to day I don't give a .... to all those stresses in my life right now. Who knows.

So today, has been a productive day! I've finished my first of two Christmas ornaments to be stitched in June, and I've already kitted up my second. I've got my wee beasties RR kitted up and ready to go as well! I'm also about 1/2 way through the 3rd gazebo on Mystery 6. Boy it feels good!

Let me share my Happy Dance with you :

This is Dragon Dreams c1998 Christmyth Giant
Stitched on : 28ct Forget me not blue joblean
Stitched with : DMC floss and Kreinik #4 braid.

Also during the month of May once my ornies were done my travel project was Michael Powell's Mini Cottages III. I would like to share my progress on that with you.

Michael Powell : Mini Cottages III
Stitched on : 14ct aida
Stitched with : anchor

Hmmm an hour before bedtime should I start my next ornie or work on Mystery 6...

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

June Goals and May Recall

Okay, so here were my stitching golas for May :

May Goals
Keep up with Mystery VI - I'm even ahead 1/2 way through pt6
Stitch 2 Christmas Ornaments - Yup, and yup
Finish pages 1&3 on Bandon Light - This poor piece gets so ignored I did work on it a couple of hours last month!
Make a name tag for a friend's b-day gift - Yup

June Goals
Finishe Pt 6 of Mystery 6
Stitch 2 Christmas Ornaments
Stitch a buf for the Wee Beasties RR
Finish pages 1&3 on Bandon Light
Work on Michael Powell's Mini Cottages III