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Friday, February 27, 2009

Photo Hunt #145 Hat

Boy did I ever have to go hunting through my photo files to find something to satisfy this theme of hat(s). Here's Chef Dan showing off his chef's hat last fall!

I'm still working on that top secret stitching project so no other piccys to share with you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One Year, The Scale and The Photo Hunt

This week is my one year anniversary at Weight Watchers, I'm amazed that I've stuck with it all this time! I'm also amazed at how well its gone.

I thought the scale was going to be cruel to me tonight... it wasn't, it just didn't budge. Oh my gosh these last 12 lbs are a REAL BITCH! Its like I was going 100 KM/H and someone pulled the emergency break! Does anyone out there whose done this have any tips for those last few pounds? I'm getting very frustrated!

Since I'm plugging away at my top secret project I have no stitching pictures for you, so I'll give you a photo hunt instead.

Photo Hunt #144 - Aftermath

Sometimes the aftermath of a storm is... a rainbow. I love it when Mother Nature paints the sky for us!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Second Ornament Happy Dance

Seeing as the end of February is almost upon me I decided yesterday afternoon I should get a move on with my second ornament for the month (I'm really going to try stitch two a month this year I felt like I was scrambling to get enough done near the end of 2008). So I pulled out a freebie, some fabric and floss and got started. Once again a fairly quick stitch (seems to be my theme so far this year) and I finished it this afternoon.

Snowman's Quaker Christmas
c2008 Midnight Stitching
Stitched on : 32ct Lambswool Linen
Stitched with : DMC & DMC colour variations

The Quaker design around the snowman was supposed to be in a shade of green, making it look more like leaves and berries, but I wanted something a little bolder. So I picked a beautiful shade of blue (guess what colour I like?) from my DMC colour variations, 4025. I'm now thinking when I get around to stitching Circles des Cirques that I might use this colour.

I'm not sure now if to pull Paradigm Lost back out or work a little bit on that mystery project. The sooner I get that done the sooner I can finish my projects!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

From The Top to the Bottom, From the Bottom To the Top

This week, I suddenly found myself with a little more stitching time when my back started acting up (it is feeling much better today by the way!), a trip into the chiropractor turned up a pinched nerve. I was still tender for a few days after that so I haven't really worked out since Tuesday night. So instead of working on the top secret project I've got tucked away I've been plugging away on Paradigm Lost. So now on the left hand side I've gotten from the top all the way to the very bottom! I just want to keep working on this piece lately!

For the fun of it, here's a picture of Todd! He rarely lets me get descent ones of him so I thought I'd share!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weigh In and Photo Hunt

The scale was much kinder to me this week! I didn't push myself as hard physically this past week (though I did work out), I ate a little more (dipped into those weekly points for sure) and it paid off. I lost 1lb, the pound I gained last week when I was so physical and really watching my foods. It is such a tricky balance between calories in and calories burnt! Oh and I ate out Friday, Saturday, Sunday, so once again the body is a mystery.

Since I have no stitching to show you (haven't picked up a needle yet tonight and probably won't), I'll treat you to another PhotoHunt instead.

Here's PhotoHunt #143 "Hope" I think there is so much hope to be found in the simplicity and beauty of nature and the world around us. We know that each morning the sun comes up and each evening the sun sets (this is a sunset by the way... never up early enough at the cottage for a sunrise). We can find hope in a new day, or in the end of a special day.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Few Small Finishes

It was a long weekend for most people in Ontario today (except for Federal employees), it was very nice to have a long weekend. Of course long weekends mean I get lazy, I don't work out, but sit on my behind and stitch!

This means I've got some finishes! Yay! Yesterday I wrapped up my piece for round 11 of Fair and Square, now to just get it packed up and in the mail. So until its received, I won't be able to share this happy dance.

Last night after getting home from dinner out with my family I started one of my two February ornaments. I finished it up later this afternoon.

c2006 Prarie Schooler
Stitched on 28ct : white mystery evenweave
Stitched with : DMC cotton

I also managed to get in a few hours on Paradigm Lost this evening, that was a treat to get back to this piece!

Oh how about a PhotoHunt? PhotoHunt #142 "Squeaky" For this theme I've picked one of the many monkeys I photographed almost two years ago now at the San Diego Zoo. I'm sure monkeys are squeaky right? At least that's all that came to mind!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Exchange Received

Once again this year I signed up for the Stitching Bloggers Birthday Exchange, and again I received a partner with a January Birthday. At least this year it was the end of January instead of the beginning. My partner this year was Sherry also a Canadian, and from Ontario too. She was quite into Halloween and cats so I stitched up a scissor fob and biscornu for her. My Birthday is March 27th, so I won`t have too long to wait and find out who my partner is and what she (he) has made for me!

c2008 Barbara Ana Designs
Stitched on : 28ct Blueberry Joblean by Wichelt
Stitched with : DMC cotton & DMC Colour Variations

Halloween Kitty Fob front & back
cCat`s Whiskers
Stitched on : 28ct Blueberry Joblean by Wichelt
Stitched with DMC cotton & DMC Colour Variations

I haven`t stitched too much this week, but when I have stitched I`ve been working on Fair & Square Round 11 which as you know I can`t show you yet!

I hope everyone is having a nice Valentine`s Day, Todd was a sweetie and offered to take me out for breakfast this am and we`re going out for dinner with my Parents tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Argh! I can't loose for trying! Yes, that's what I said ... I can't loose for trying. Last night's weigh in didn't go well, for some strange and unknown reason I GAINED A POUND! Argh!!!! I had a good week, tracked everything, and exercised a lot! I just don't get it. Why does it get so hard at the end?

I haven't stitched much in the last few days, so there's nothing to show you.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Happy Dance!

I knew if I set my mind to it I should be able to finish stitching my gift, and its done! With only an hour to spare before bedtime. I haven't quite decided how I'm going to finish this yet. Either as a wall hanging (like I did Christin's Christmas present), a flat fold, framed, or a cube-it.

Macdonald Maple Leaf
cLynne Nicoletti
Stitched on 28ct mystery evenweave
Stitched with DMC cotton

Next on my list of stitching to do's is squares for Fair and Square. Its too late tonight, but tomorrow night I'll pick out what I'm going to stitch for my partner and get started. I'm notorious for being a little late to mail things out so I am trying harder to be more on time.

February Goals and Stitching Update

Well, I'm very overdue on my goals for February! So I suppose its time I get around to it... right?

January Review

Stitch Stitching Bloggers Birthday Exchange Gift - Done and received
Get up to page 9 on Paradigm Lost - Nope, not even near it
Stitch 2 ornaments - Yes
Stitch on top secret item - Nope only pulled threads
Spend a Sunday working on Blackstone Fantasy Garden - Yes
Spend a Sunday working on Art Deco Spirits - Yes

February Goals

Finish MacDonald Maple Leaf
Stitch two ornaments
Stitch Fair & Square

I'm keeping it short and simple for February!

Here's my update on MacDonald Maple Leaf, not long to go now!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Scale Was Kind!

Sorry its been days since I've blogged. I think I've barely been able to sit still lately long enough to blog. If I've not been unsettled, I've been stitching when I can since there's a deadline on my MacDonald Maple Leaf. Also I tend to blog at night before bed, and lately I've had a headache at bedtime so I haven't exactly felt like composing a blog entry.

Finally my hard work the last two weeks has paid off! The scale moved for me today at Weight Watchers, I lost 2lbs this week! I have definitely beaten my weight loss total for January with this weigh in alone. I am now sitting UNDER 150 lbs ... I couldn't tell you when I last weighed less than 150lbs (at least grade 7)! I have lost a total of 58lbs and there's only 12 more to go until I'm at goal! Speaking of weight loss, I had a great experience Friday night, a friend and I went jeans shopping (for her, not me ... for a change). My friend had an awesome NSV (Non-Scale Victory), she's been loosing weight as well and she thought she should be in one sized jean, I encouraged her to try on the next size down. Oh we were both so happy and on such a high! We also both bought tops (well she bought me mine, as a thank you for playing personal shopper) and made each other buy something that wasn't our usual style, but looked great. There are "safe" styles and sometimes its nice to buy something that you wouldn't normally wear. You know who you are... and I'm so proud of what you've managed to accomplish so far!

Now that I've bored you with the mundane, here's my progress on MacDonald Maple Leaf!