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Sunday, June 29, 2008

All Done!

I can tell you, I have been recuperating the last couple of days! I haven't been ill, just recovering from the crazy two months I've had!
As I mentioned before I wrapped up last weekend with three more framing jobs. Now that they've been received I feel free to share them with you.

I framed three school letters for graduates, they all look the same.

I also framed this print for a staff member.

I currently have five more framing jobs waiting to be done. One I will finish this week, two I will get done before July is out and two due in August.

I don't think I shared with you Tuesday's weigh in results did I? Well this past week I had a loss of 3lbs! Wahootie, this means I hit 25lbs lost (total of 27lbs now) I got my 25lbs ring to put on my WW key chain. This past week has been full of food and drinks, I've been making the best choices I could while not being left out. So if I don't see a loss I won't be surprised. I won't be able to weigh in on Tuesday as its Canada Day, I might go on Wednesday or I might just leave it this week. We'll see (I'll probably go on Wed.).

Wednesday night I had my last photography class, we celebrated by cutting out early and going for drinks. That's my way of celebrating! I ended up staying until 11:30pm which means I didn't get home or in bed until after midnight... oops!

Thursday was the last day at work for all the teachers. Honestly, I didn't get much done that day work-wise. There was the year end liturgy and staff meeting, then lunch where I was invited to a teacher's house for lunch (that was nice!). The secretaries and myself were off a little early to go get manicures and pedicures, to use the gift certificates we got at Christmastime. I really enjoyed that! We were all there together, there was adult beverages and plenty of fruit and cheese. After our manicures and pedicures we were off to the end of year staff party. I stayed there until 10:30pm so it was another late night!

Friday was a lovely day at work... I was left alone! Also the secretaries and I went out to a nearby restaurant for lunch which we had received a gift certificate for from one of the staff. After work I headed out to Lynn's house where we stitched the evening away and I spent the night. It was so nice to be able to finally sit down and stitch and not be thinking about all the other things that had to be done!

On Saturday afternoon after I got home... I crashed! I laid down for a nap around 4-5pm... I didn't get up until 8am today! Whew! I guess I needed that sleep?

Today has been so productive! This morning I finished stitching up my squares for round 7 of Fair and Square. Of course I can't share until they've been received! I followed that by finishing Sally's little gift... which I can't share just yet. Then off to do the groceries... my fridge was bare! Back home to work on my June ornament, take a nap and to finish said ornament... which I can share with you!
Charmed Mitten Ornament MHCM10
c1998 Mill Hill by Mary Jurgens-Jones
Stitched on perforated paper with DMC floss and Mill Hill beads

I've pulled my Double Flip-Its back out and I look forward to wrapping up that project! I only have four words to go!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Some Quick Shots

I have to say lately, the weather has been crap... also like a broken record! Chance of rain, thundershowers, yadda, yadda. On the other side of this, we've had some beautiful sunsets. Tonight on my way home from my second to last photography class I stopped along the way and took these shots.

I worked on my Fair and Square today, I'd have to say the main block is half finished. Soon I'll need to find an alphabet for the name square!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Better Late Than Never .... right?

What a month its been! Its not quite over yet, but the end is near.

I've had yet another productive weekend! I finished four framing jobs, which I will share with you once my customers have received them. I have just four jobs left pending. Two I would very much like to get done by Thursday. The other two can wait until a little bit into July.

I managed to squeeze in a visit with Chrisanne on Saturday. The poor girl has completely lost her desire to stitch. I wonder what I can do to help foster the urge to stitch... ideas anyone? I brought her some stash I had picked up on her behalf a few months ago that didn't spark anything. Now on the other hand that evil girl has gotten me into play PackRat on Facebook! Argh! I vowed I wouldn't get sucked into Facebook. Oh well.

Today I also finalized what photos I'll be turning in for my photography assignment. I'll be happy to hand that in tomorrow night! My course ends on Wednesday and I'll be happy to have my evenings back! Until the fall when I plan to take another photography/photoshop course.

I also got to stitch! Yay! I finally finished Robyn's Neighbourhood RR! I've got it packed away and ready to go into the mail. It should of gone in the mail on June 1st.

West Coast Lighthouse
By Julia Lucas
Just Cross Stitch August 2002
Stitched with DMC cotton & Kreinik #4 Braid

My next item to stitch is round 7 of Fair and Square. I've got almost 1/2 of the block stitched. After this is done... I promise I'll do the finishing on Sally's gift that I've been promising her since April! I received these fantastic squares and gifts from Staci last weekend, as you (my readers know) I've not blogged in at least a week so this is the first chance I've had to share them with you.

I am just so embarrassed with how far behind I got on everything and apologies to anyone who I owe something to... you're getting it in the next week to two weeks!

As for the weight loss, last Tuesday's weigh in I stayed the same. I've got my fingers crossed for a 1 lbs loss this week then I'd hit the 25lbs mark, that's quite a milestone.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Quick Update

Hi everyone! Busy times again, I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped this weekend, oh well I'll have to make up for that this week.

I finished one framing job (out of 5 I bought supplies for on Saturday). Another grad composite.

I've been stitching where I can find the time, here's Robyn's RR. Not much longer and it'll be in the mail!
Tomorrow is weigh in day. I'm not sure how I did this past week, my eating was a little bit all over the map. I did pretty well in terms of following the healthy guidelines and eating my points, but I've had weeks where I've eaten better. I just wrapped up at 30-Day trial at Curves, and I have to say very happy with the results. Between diet and exercise, in a month I've lost about 5lbs, 1% of my body fat, and about 7 inches! I would of liked to have continued with a Curves membership but I can get a better deal on a membership at Goodlife through a corporate plan. So my next step, checking out Goodlife. I've got someone I met through work (a supply teacher) who has her personal trainer's certificate and is willing to put together a plan for me.
I'm looking forward to the end of June and its not far away! This means my life will calm down... photography class will be over, the framing demands will slow down (I hope), and I might be caught up with my deadline stitching. Oh what a dream!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Good news, after my weight staying the same last week I had a three pound loss this week! Wahootie! I've now lost 24lbs!

Now that my framing jobs (so far there's more in the next week or two) have been delivered and received I'll share them.

I did one of this black and white photo of a watercolour of a building.

I also did up three school letters just like this one.

Next on my framing agenda is yet another grad composite and 3 school letters withoutht he plaques.
I put in another hour and a bit on Robyn's RR I'll probably treat you to an updated pic on Thursday night.

Monday, June 09, 2008

16 Years Ago Today...

Todd and I started dating. I was quite shocked when he sent me this gorgeous bouquet of stargazer lilies. I was overwhelmed and so happy! This is the first time he's ever done something like this!

As usual in life there are people who have to rain on your parade and ruin what is a happy event. I won't go into it, but needless to say someone shit in my corn flakes after I got my flowers.

I've now got them at home where they can truly be enjoyed.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to photograph them better in daylight.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Yes! A Productive Weekend!!!

Wow! I'm so impressed with myself tonight, and with how much I've gotten done this weekend!

Saturday I got to sleep in, which I love doing. Once I was up and conscience I did a trip into town. I picked up a new prescription from Costco (we're trying a Beta-blocker for my migraines)... a possible side effect is weight gain... I hope not! Then to the bank... and finally, to Curves for a nice sweat! I tell you I don't feel like I've exercised unless I've broken a good sweat. Then it was back home... to clean the bathroom, have lunch, and start framing! So for about 6-7 hours I cut and built 4 frames, cut 3 double mats with two openings, cut foam core, assembled 3 of the mat sets into deep mats (had a base mat, built up foam core around it then put the mat with the openings on top so you have a deep opening so something isn't smashed up against the glass. Assembled on of the pieces completely. In between all of this I had to clean off the kitchen table so I'd have a second work surface... oh yeah did a load of laundry too!

Saturday night Todd surprised me and took me out for fish and chips... well he had fish and chips, I had fish and salad. I miss fries... I know I could have them if I counted my points for them but I just don't trust myself to have them! Oh and I enjoyed a beer too! After we got home I settled down and stitched a little on Robyn's past due RR.

Today I did three loads of laundry, and finished up 3 of my 4 framing jobs. It's nice to get them all wrapped in their brown paper ready to be delivered tomorrow! I'll share those pictures with you once they've been received by their owners. Also I did a little calligraphy on a bunch of certificates for work. I had hoped to settle down and stitch some more, but I found that a challenge this evening. So I'd stitch a little then go back to my workroom and started cutting out mat board for the next batch of frames to be done... 5 of them I believe, I should hunt the person down tomorrow for a proper figure.

Before I got going on the laundry and finishing my framing jobs, it was the weekend that the Ottawa Cycling Club does its run up my road. So at around noon I popped outside with my camera to try out some panning while they went by. It took some experimenting but I finally got a few descent shots!

Oh and I found this stunning and large columbine in bloom in my front garden the other day! The sad thing is I don't remember if I bought it or it just showed up. I find things have a way of suddenly sprouting in my gardens. I must have some industrious critters in my area!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

What's This??? Stitching?

I have to say I think I'm getting good at multi-tasking!!! When I got home from work I just HAD to lie down for a nap! I was struggling to stay awake during my drive home. Once I was up I swapped back and forth between preparing dinner and cutting foam core & mat board for a framing job. While eating dinner I went through my e-mails and did some online stuff. Then while I watched "So You Think You Can Dance" (one of my guilty pleasures) I stitched, during the commercials I cut a double mat and mounted a photograph. So with this one framing job I'm down to building the frame, cleaning the glass and popping it all together. This is one item of four I need to have ready for Tuesday morning.

Soooo are you wondering what I've been stitching on and if I'm actually going to show it to you? The answer to this is yes! I've been working when I can on Robyn's RR, I am overdue with sending this piece out as the mail out date was June 1st. After contacting the moderator of the RR and the person I mail it to everyone is cool that I keep on working on it. I'm so pushed for time right now that I've started dragging this with me wherever I go, just in case I can find 10 minutes to work on it.

This is a West Coast Lighthouse from an older issue of Just Cross Stitch Magazine. I'm hoping that between waiting for glue to dry on various frames this weekend I'll be able to work on this and show you some descent progress!

Also yesterday I finally received Round 5 Fair & Square blocks from Hannah. The first set she stitched for me got lost in the black hole we so kindly call the postal system. Hanna was nice enough to re-stitch it and sent some lovely goodies along! Thank you Hanna.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Catching Up

Well life is crazy stupid busy!!! I've got a number of framing jobs to get done (the usual end of year stuff), I went to Prom on Friday of last week and I've been busy with class.

The RR I have is progressing at a crawl. I had to do some frogging, and I've just had to find the time (which doesn't exist at the moment). I'd share a pitiful picture of it... but I'm too tired to do it.

Instead I'll share some recent photos with you.

The Chateau Laurier, lit up at night.

Watson's Mill, Manotick.

And one of my framing jobs.