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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Ahhh a little Ornie Progress

I got in a good amount of stitching time in tonight on my ornament "Seasons Bleatings". All the cross stitch is done and I've started backstitching. But I'm getting tired now, and that's when I make stupid mistakes. So I'm quitting for the night. I just have to finish BS'ing and do all those colonial knots and its DONE!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Ooops! I did it again!

Yup, last night I went to bed at 6:30pm! I didn't get back up either, except for the minor re-enactment of the royal rumble on my bed between the cats. I promised myself that the nights I was not going to TKD I was going to work on PT and my TKD nights I was going to work on my models. Poor birdie... he has been soooo neglected!

Monday night I got in about 3 hours on Bandon Lighthouse from The Silver Lining, the floss colour for the clouds are really not showing up at all on the fabric Marc sent. So tonight I scanned what I've done and I've sent it to him, I want to know if he wants me to continue on that fabric colour before I go any further.

I still haven't finished my second ornament, Season's Bleatings from Dragon Dreams. I was working on it at lunchtime today and found a counting error. So I've got to go back and put some stitches in. I think I can avoid frogging this time around.

Sooo... tonight I'm going to get a start on another model that has a January deadline, called Kuspuks by the Yard by Barbara Lavallee. This piece is very colourful and is stitched on aida.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

And that's another Ornament!

So after getting the house all cleaned up I sat down to the O.C. marathon on CTV and quickly finished up Teresa Wentzler's beginner's White Work Ornament... Its not bad how it finished up but not among my best stitching, I left out the beads this time around. This ornament is sitched on a Silkweaver Solo using GAST's Red Plum. Then I started on Dragon Dream's Season's Bleatings another one of Jennifer's class pieces, this will be my second ornament for October.

I also sat down and started organizing the next piece I'm going to stitch for The Silver Lining, Brandon Lighthouse on an overdyed Joblean. This piece will be stitched over one. I did put in about 20 minutes on it, but my eyes are just not up for over one on 28ct tonight. Thank the powers that be this is not a deadline piece.
That's It I'm Hiring a Cleaning Lady!

I've just spent the entire day from 9:30am to 2:30 am cleaning my neglected home. I have decided I am getting a cleaning lady to come in and take care of my floors and bathroom every two weeks.

Think of all those wasted stitching hours!

Saturday, October 25, 2003

A Model Happy Dance!

Ahhh ... that feels better now. My deadline model for Dragon Dreams is done... it'll be a little late past the deadline. But its done! Pending any alterations Jennifer may want this turkey is cooked and will be going in the mail xpress post Monday morning on my way to work!

Just as I got to backstitching that last wee little bit I found an extra stitch I had put in! Arrrrghhh! I tell you if this piece wasn't a model I would of just left it there. But being the anal person I am, it had to go. To fix my boo-boo wasn't a major production, I just had to cut out two stitches and put them back in. But still very annoying!

And this time... it wasn't green!

Now I'm back to work on my first of two monthly ornaments.
When You THINK You're Getting Ahead...

You're not. A valuable lesson I've learn over the last couple of days. Its kinda like Murphy's Law. You're caught up with something or you're ahead in your finances. Wham... something comes along to change all that.

Here are some of the examples I've experienced this week...

Wednesday I finally finished East of Eden by John Steinbeck (a highly recommended read). I've been reading it all summer. I thought I'd be a good chunk into a new book by now... sigh not even a chapter. I've been super tired so I'm going to bed, skipping my nightly read.

Thursday... I'm off Friday and I thought... great! I can stitch until 1 or 2am on that model and I'll be able to get it in Friday's mail. Yet again... nope I was in bed before midnight. Never mind the fact that I had worked all day, had Martial Arts club after school, had dinner with the high school library technicians AND did my groceries for next week. No wonder I was tired.

Friday I got up at a descent time... but yet again I have under estimated how long it would take me to stitch a piece. I've got to stop doing this! I worked pretty much all day, up until 9pm on my Dragon Dreams model. And you know what? Its still not done! I barely went on the computer, I stitched, and stitched and stitched! By 8:45 I was getting sick of stitching! So I decided to go read... well I was down and out for the count by 9pm. Very unlike me!

This morning, Todd and I decided it was time to take my poor little car, car in for tires. We sat down with the Canadian Tire flyer and decided to get the cheapest motomaster winter tire... should be about 35.00/tire for my car. We get there to find out they don't make a tire in that line in the size my car needs. So we need to go up to the next tire (which yes would be better for winter driving). These turn out to be 75.00/tire. Much more than I was hoping to pay! But one needs tires one must get tires! So when my car is ready I'm going to have to go pay a 415.00 bill for winter tires! I was ahead financially.... not anymore.

Its one of those days where I'm thinking... "Sucks to be me."

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Finally I can Show-off!

Sometimes I think there's nothing I like more in the world than to show off! Especially when I'm the first to do or finish something!

So here's a glimpse at Dream Sampler a model I stitched for Dragon Dreams. This was the piece I got myself a little burnt out over the Labour Day long weekend. Now that Jennifer has finally taught the class I can share it with the stitching world. It was a real fun piece to stitch and is a great companion for Fairy Tale Sampler also by Dragon Dreams. When I get around to stitching it for myself I plan to stitch Dream Sampler on ice blue to match my Fairy Tale Sampler, but I'll have to change the fairy's dress so it doesn't disappear into the fabric.
Shouldn't 11 hours be enough?

Of Sleep that is??? Last night after I finished typing up my blog at about 6:40pm I started getting a bit of a headache, my eyes were droopy so I finally gave up and went to bed. I didn't get back up until 6:15am!!! I was only intending to have a little nap then get up and put in a couple of hours of stitching on my model for Dragon Dreams. Never happened.

The scary thing is I feel like doing it again! But I'm here blogging away, trying to catch up on all my online groups, etc (still not caught up). Hopefully I will get some time in on that model!

I feel so bad because Jennifer (the designer, not my massage therapist) asked me if I could try to get it back to her by October 24th. I honestly don't think that's going to happen, despite my jet propelled needles. There's not a lot to do, and hopefully I can have it in the mail by sometime on Friday (its a P.D. day at the school and I've opted to use a day of annual leave) and maybe by some sort of luck it'll be in Moncton by Monday, Tuesday at the latest.

Wish me luck folks!

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

I LOVE Jennifer!

My massage therapist that is! If you have never ever seen a massage therapist or had a professional massage done. Boy you have done yourself a disservice! Go out now, find a massage therapist that someone you know recommends and book yourself an hour!

I've been going for massages a couple of times a year for the last 3 years, and I don't regret a penny I spend on it. Actually this fall I decided to increase my trips from 4 a year to every other month.

I saw Jennifer today, and finally the knot in my right shoulder is gone! For the last couple of weeks I've been waking up in agony with this huge knot in my shoulder... now its gone... she could of worked on that shoulder for hours and I would of been content!

So if you've never gone I recommend you go find one now!
Long Time No See

Well, if I have any regular readers out there somewhere... I'm sorry I haven't posted since mid last week! It turned into another insane week for me that topped off with a migraine that started Thursday night and lasted through until Sunday morning. I couldn't even bear getting near the computer. But I'm recovering now, just tired.

I did something today that I don't think I've ever done. I sat in the silence of my home and just stitched. No TV, no one, just the sounds of my home, and Todd's snoring (LOL). It was a very peaceful experience.

I am definitely of the TV generation, I am one of those people who does not like total silence! Often I will keep the TV on, just for background noise. Do you find yourself doing that?

Off to bed! Just a brief blog tonight!

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Me So Sorry!

I must apologize for not blogging since Sunday, its just an indicator of how busy my week has been so far!!! Also my head has been bugging me again! Dumb head!

Monday was spent at my Mother's working on a quilting project (I'm still a beginner at this).

Tuesday was just insane! I didn't even step foot in my home until 8pm then I had a couple of hours of sorting things out on the phone, a minor emergency.

Today it was TKD night.

I've barely gotten any stitching in... hopefully this weekend!

Sunday, October 12, 2003


Sometimes they are the most frustrating creatures on earth! Last night I was talking to my Mum about my computer. I pretty much have exclusive use (never mind the fact that its MINE) of it. Todd like to play video games, and he has his PS2. I mentioned to my Mum last night that yes he used to use it to play games, for a while he was heavily into the flight simulators, and they just don't have realistic ones for the game consoles.

So we get home last night, I want to get onto my computer to upload a picture of a piece I finished for a friend. Also do all the usual business I do online. What does he do.... he rushes into the computer room and at midnight proceeds to install Longbow II! Do I get on the computer no... do I get onto it today??? Only just now at 1:30 in the afternoon! And he's telling me... that's right he has the nerve to TELL ME. That I will be off in 10 minutes. FAT CHANCE.

Anyhow last night we had Thanksgiving dinner with my family. While at my Mum's I used her much nicer sewing machine to finish a stitched piece for my friend Christin into a quilted wall hanging (much cheaper than framing). It was a bit of a pain and fiddly at times but its done. Here's Dragon Dream's Fantasy Wedding Blessing finished into a quilted wall hanging.

I'm now almost 12 hours into the current model for Dragon Dreams and have just reached one milestone in the design. I can now move onto the next section which should prove to be much more fun to stitch!

Friday, October 10, 2003

Its a Groovy Canadian Long Weekend!

I LOVE long weekends, and I don't think you love them as much as someone who works in the education system. I am very limited to when I can take time off (summer since I work 12 months a year, or the usual school holidays) so I find these long weekend very precious at times. This will be our last break before Christmas... which seems so far away!

So I'm hoping to sit back, relax, watch some movies and stitch, stitch, stitch!

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Green + Frogging = Co-wink-e-dink? I think not!

I would almost bet you at this point that it could be statistically proven that when people have to do some frogging that green would be the colour that is most frequently frogged. I know on several occasions this year when I've had to rip out some stitching it was green!

Tonight I was working away at my Dragon Dreams model I was finishing a "section" (I like to break up my stitching projects into obvious sections). Putting in some groups of smaller stitches when I realize a part right at the beginning was off by one stitch!!!! Arrrgh! If this wasn't a model I would of just left it. Luckily I didn't have to frog all my work I just cut out the beginning and put it back in. Not a disaster but annoying none the less! I'm now 3 1/2 hours into the project.

Today was like Christmas for me at the post office! I had two parcels, that's a total of 4 so far this week! One parcel contained my next model for The Silver Lining, Brandon Lighthouse on a hand-dyed fabric. This will be stitched over one and there's no deadline, so I don't feel guilty at all leaving it to the side until I finish the current deadline piece. I also got my TWBB Round Robin back ... and you know what its just STUNNING! I've never been so happy with the result of an RR before. To have a look-see CLICK HERE. Since there is so much space left on the fabric I'm going to start asking stitching friends to contribute to it.

I'm sooo looking forward to this weekend, its Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday. This means a LONG weekend! I can stitch, I can sleep, I can take it easy. My favorite kind of weekend!

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Model Stitching Again!

Ahhh... its like a junkie getting a fix. I don't know why but I love to model stitch! I think its the secrecy and the idea that you ARE the first to stitch that design, to find any errors. To walk into a needlework store to see the chart on the shelf and say to yourself "I stitched that".

This new model is from Dragon Dreams, it is a piece that will be submitted for a book published by Stitcher's World. I know its mean but that's all I'm going to tell you.

I've got about the first hour of work in on this new model, the fabric is wonderful to work with and as usual the colours vibrant. I just love watching the design slowly come to life! I'm trying out stitching this one on my q-snaps, that I bought ages ago and have never used. Its just a little fiddly around the edges and stitching in hand (like I usually do) wasn't quite working. So we'll see how long I stick with this contraption or throw it across the room.

I love model stitching!

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Enough of the 1/2 Stitches Already!

I have a model on the way from Dragon Dreams that should be sitting all nice and cozy in my mailbox tomorrow and I think I'm going to welcome the change in pace/design! I've been putting in a lot of time on Peacock Tapestry lately and I am soooo tired of 1/2 stitches! The entire background/distance is 1/2 stitches or 1/2 stitches with a lighter colour over top (one strand). An awesome effect but about ready to drive me nuts!

But I can see the end is getting ever closer. Here is an updated PIC of Peacock Tapestry.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Talk About Practicing Restraint!!!

I got home to a very pleasant surprise today... mail! Not only mail but a parcel... from European Corsstitch. It was the materials I had ordered for Chatelaine's Mystery VI.

Boy did I show restraint... I left the parcel unopened while I prayed to the Treadmill Gods for 30 whole minutes! Of course I ripped into it the minute I was changed! Now I haven't pulled any of the silks yet to fondle them... but I will soon!

Sunday, October 05, 2003


I had hoped to get a nice long stretch of stitching in today after judging at a TKD tournament this morning (Saturday), but I got home and just crashed. I did manage to sit down and put in about 3 hours on Peacock Tapestry and I am totally finished all the cross stitch on Section 4! (minus beads and gold cord) One of the few sections I can actually say is complete as I will not allow myself to start stitching the bird until everything else is done! I'm to the point now there's this nice bird shaped area of "negative space".

As I worked tonight on the small trees in the background of Peacock Tapestry it just amazed me each time I stopped to take a look at the talent Teresa Wentzler has! These small trees , the ones in the far distance the bottom half of the stitch is done in greens and blends of greens, the top stitch is one strand of 453. It gives this wonderful hazy sense of distance. The Small trees closer up are stitched in only half stitches and again give a sense of distance but since they have not been muted with a lighter colour on top you really get this sense that they are closer. Then of course there is backstitch that just gives total definition, the shape of the top of the trees! Its amazing how backstitch just makes everything come to life! This is the point where I really start enjoying a project, once I can see the entire piece coming together.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Mi Casa Su Casa

Thank the powers that be for best friends, and I have one of the best in Christin! Ever since she moved up to the city I've always had a set of keys to her apartment for emergencies, and when I lived in the city she had keys to my place. This weekend she's gone home to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving early. Which actually worked out really well because it is our usual habit on Friday to go groceries together (she doesn't have a car but I do) and go out for dinner. Tonight I had to attend a TKD banquet and it was in our little version of "China Town" downtown.

There was absolutely no way I was going to drive home to the country just to get ready to go and turn around and leave again! So thank heavens for Christin's keys. I was able to go to her place after doing my groceries take a power snooze and a shower to freshen up and put on a change of clothes.

Its great friends like that which make the world go round!

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Stitching Time... what stitching time?

I'm doing it again, I'm getting myself all booked up that I'm getting desperate to find a little stitching time. I shouldn't really be complaining, because its all things I agree to or volunteer for. My last evening at home was Tuesday where I got in significant progress on Peacock Tapestry.

Wednesday was TKD night, since I wasn't feeling too well (remember Mister Migraine???) I took a nap before going. So I only got in an hour's progress on PT.

Tonight - Thursday, I was invited to the Ottawa Senator's exhibition game tonight versus the Tampa Bay Lightning. How can I turn down a free ticket to the game... Especially when I AM a Sens fan???? I was disappointed with the lack of effort/heart that had put into the game, but my Sens won in the end. I just know they're going to do really well this season.

Tomorrow - Friday, after a full day of work I have to attend the banquet for the First Memorial Genereal Choi's Cup. A tournament that my school, Lu's TKD will be hosting this weekend. My weekend will be spent at said tournament judging and helping where a spare pair of hands are needed. I'm not competing at this tournament because I don't feel like my patterns are up to standard to compete at an international level.

Monday - Will be TKD night again... so my next chance to rest will be next Tuesday.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Mailman, oh mailman, where art thou Mailman?

I can't believe this... I've now not gotten a piece of mail, not a letter, not a flyer, not an application for a platinum credit card! Its kinda disturbing when you don't get any mail for such a period of time. We are so dependent on the ease of communication these days that its a shock if we don't get something in the mail, an e-mail or a phone call.

How did people manage to keep in contact in the early days of the postal service? In the days of messengers? I imagine you knew your nearest neighbor's and those in your Parrish very well. In this global age, you can have a best friend half way around the world but never have seen or talked to your neighbors. I know I barely know the folk in my community, and its a small one!

Today at lunch I started October Christmas Ornament no.1. Its Teresa Wentzler's Beginners White Work Oranment. Only I'm not doing it in white, I'm stitching on I think a 32ct solo linen from Silkweavers using Red Plum from Gentle Art Sampler Threads. I'm not decided on the beads yet, I'll do that when all the stitching is done. Maybe this time I'll leave them out or put in colonial knots just to change things up a little.
Yay! No More Pear Leaves for Me!!!

I've put in another good 3 hours on Peacock Tapestry tonight! I'm done stitching pear leaves!!! I've got a little bit of backstitch left to do on the leaves before I can get into the background and grass... then finally the peabird itself!