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Sunday, October 26, 2003

And that's another Ornament!

So after getting the house all cleaned up I sat down to the O.C. marathon on CTV and quickly finished up Teresa Wentzler's beginner's White Work Ornament... Its not bad how it finished up but not among my best stitching, I left out the beads this time around. This ornament is sitched on a Silkweaver Solo using GAST's Red Plum. Then I started on Dragon Dream's Season's Bleatings another one of Jennifer's class pieces, this will be my second ornament for October.

I also sat down and started organizing the next piece I'm going to stitch for The Silver Lining, Brandon Lighthouse on an overdyed Joblean. This piece will be stitched over one. I did put in about 20 minutes on it, but my eyes are just not up for over one on 28ct tonight. Thank the powers that be this is not a deadline piece.

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