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Saturday, October 25, 2003

A Model Happy Dance!

Ahhh ... that feels better now. My deadline model for Dragon Dreams is done... it'll be a little late past the deadline. But its done! Pending any alterations Jennifer may want this turkey is cooked and will be going in the mail xpress post Monday morning on my way to work!

Just as I got to backstitching that last wee little bit I found an extra stitch I had put in! Arrrrghhh! I tell you if this piece wasn't a model I would of just left it there. But being the anal person I am, it had to go. To fix my boo-boo wasn't a major production, I just had to cut out two stitches and put them back in. But still very annoying!

And this time... it wasn't green!

Now I'm back to work on my first of two monthly ornaments.

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