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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Stitching Time... what stitching time?

I'm doing it again, I'm getting myself all booked up that I'm getting desperate to find a little stitching time. I shouldn't really be complaining, because its all things I agree to or volunteer for. My last evening at home was Tuesday where I got in significant progress on Peacock Tapestry.

Wednesday was TKD night, since I wasn't feeling too well (remember Mister Migraine???) I took a nap before going. So I only got in an hour's progress on PT.

Tonight - Thursday, I was invited to the Ottawa Senator's exhibition game tonight versus the Tampa Bay Lightning. How can I turn down a free ticket to the game... Especially when I AM a Sens fan???? I was disappointed with the lack of effort/heart that had put into the game, but my Sens won in the end. I just know they're going to do really well this season.

Tomorrow - Friday, after a full day of work I have to attend the banquet for the First Memorial Genereal Choi's Cup. A tournament that my school, Lu's TKD will be hosting this weekend. My weekend will be spent at said tournament judging and helping where a spare pair of hands are needed. I'm not competing at this tournament because I don't feel like my patterns are up to standard to compete at an international level.

Monday - Will be TKD night again... so my next chance to rest will be next Tuesday.

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