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Sunday, October 12, 2003


Sometimes they are the most frustrating creatures on earth! Last night I was talking to my Mum about my computer. I pretty much have exclusive use (never mind the fact that its MINE) of it. Todd like to play video games, and he has his PS2. I mentioned to my Mum last night that yes he used to use it to play games, for a while he was heavily into the flight simulators, and they just don't have realistic ones for the game consoles.

So we get home last night, I want to get onto my computer to upload a picture of a piece I finished for a friend. Also do all the usual business I do online. What does he do.... he rushes into the computer room and at midnight proceeds to install Longbow II! Do I get on the computer no... do I get onto it today??? Only just now at 1:30 in the afternoon! And he's telling me... that's right he has the nerve to TELL ME. That I will be off in 10 minutes. FAT CHANCE.

Anyhow last night we had Thanksgiving dinner with my family. While at my Mum's I used her much nicer sewing machine to finish a stitched piece for my friend Christin into a quilted wall hanging (much cheaper than framing). It was a bit of a pain and fiddly at times but its done. Here's Dragon Dream's Fantasy Wedding Blessing finished into a quilted wall hanging.

I'm now almost 12 hours into the current model for Dragon Dreams and have just reached one milestone in the design. I can now move onto the next section which should prove to be much more fun to stitch!

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