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Friday, October 03, 2003

Mi Casa Su Casa

Thank the powers that be for best friends, and I have one of the best in Christin! Ever since she moved up to the city I've always had a set of keys to her apartment for emergencies, and when I lived in the city she had keys to my place. This weekend she's gone home to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving early. Which actually worked out really well because it is our usual habit on Friday to go groceries together (she doesn't have a car but I do) and go out for dinner. Tonight I had to attend a TKD banquet and it was in our little version of "China Town" downtown.

There was absolutely no way I was going to drive home to the country just to get ready to go and turn around and leave again! So thank heavens for Christin's keys. I was able to go to her place after doing my groceries take a power snooze and a shower to freshen up and put on a change of clothes.

Its great friends like that which make the world go round!

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