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Sunday, May 29, 2011


You may ask 71:29?  What's that??  Well that's the time I finished my 10K race last night!  I finished in the time frame I had expected 70-75 minutes.  I've written a fantastic blog post all about it on my other blog, with more pictures.

I went from this (August 2007)

To this, slim and a runner!!!!

It was an amazing day for me!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eeek! Race Day Is Here!!!

Today I'm running my FIRST RACE ever!  I have blogged all about it HERE!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

After the Long Weekend

I had a great Victoria Day Long Weekend, sadly not as stitchy-productive as I would of liked.  Silly things kept getting in the way like going to Weight Watchers, cleaning the house and doing laundry.  Somewhere in there there was a nap and a 10K run one day followed by another 3K another morning.  So it turned out to be a little busier than I planned and I still had trouble settling down.  Oh yeah and I did some finishing for my draw gifts!

Let's just get onto the progress pictures!

Enchantment of Winter

Quilt Blocks

The Accolade

Besides doing a little finishing on the weekend I made a stack of ort boxes so I have a stash to give away whenever needed.  I had hoped to make a stash of scissor fobs too but, I didn't get around to that.

I was lucky enough that Kathy had some time to meet up with me to have lunch, we had a great time.  Not only did we eat and visit, she returned two of my quilt squares, don't they look great?

I think this was the first year I've actually been home for this particular long weekend, and for years I've know my village has put on live entertainment and fireworks.  I was quite impressed with the fireworks show, which happened to be set off in the farmers field behind my house.  So I had a front row seat!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stitching Week In Review & PhotoHunts

Last weekend wasn't very productive stitching wise and it was a continuing trend through the week.  I did manage to get in a little bit of time on three different projects.  I don't know why, but I just couldn't settle down to work at all.  Its a Canadian long weekend, so I'm going to settle in for hopefully a serious case of Stitcher's Butt shortly, hopefully I'll be more focused in my stitching than I have been in over a week.

I realized this week that I haven't even looked at the Accolade in like forever, so its gotten 2 10x10 sessions this week!

Yup, I'm still backstitching, there's a whole lotta' BS going on!

I haven't really touched my quilt squares in awhile so I've puttered a wee bit with it this week

I'm falling behind on my PhotoHunts again, with this post, I'll get you all up to date on those!

May 14th the theme was "Missing/Missed"
L to R my friends Bonnie, Clare and I.  Bonnie started the trend by getting a really cool monogrammed stitching bag, and well, we all thought they were great.  So all we're missing here is the letter A!

Today's theme is "Cluttered"
This photo is from my day trip into Mexico this past March.  As soon as you cross the border there's a huge outdoor market full of stalls and little shops all cluttered with all kinds of colourful "junk".  I must admit I did bring home a little "junk"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fantastic Get Together!

Well I had this post almost done, just popping in pictures until Zeus stepped on the keyboard and bye bye post!  Argh!  So, time to start over.

This past weekend was my annual stitching weekend, its become an annual event because at this time of year Todd heads off to the cottage with the boys for his annual Mississippi Massacre (opening weekend for fishing).  So I have the girls over for some stitching, food and laughter!

The weekend started off on Friday evening with Christin, Bonnie and Rebbecca coming out to stay until Sunday afternoon.  On Saturday we were joined by Kathy, Beatrice, Lynn and Amy (no blog).  We had a wonderful day full of stitching and laughter.  Thanks for coming out girls, you made it a special day!
Lynn showing off her latest framed finish, the most perfect frame!

Beatrice - We had lost of great laughs

Christin being productive

Kathy showing the camera her thin side (Rebbecca and Bonnie having a good laugh at this)

My friend Amy, she's a casual stitcher... I'm working on trying to change that LOL.  We had a good laugh when we discovered that the piece she's working on is the one that Rebbecca JUST finished!  Its a small world!

We had an opportunity to celebrate Lynn's retirement earlier last week!  Lucky girl!

I decided that it wasn't a good idea to work on Enchantment of Winter, there was going to be 7 fantastic distractions in my living room that day!  So I decided to start my ornament for May which I finally finished up tonight.  It turned out a little bigger than I normally like for an ornament but I'm declaring it one none the less!

Nordic Mitten
c2007 JBW Designs
Stitched on 28ct Platinum Lugana
Stitched with DMC 115

 Of course Zeus was super cute all weekend long!  I think Zeus was the most photographed this past weekend!  I got a  little surprise at the vet on Thursday.  I took him into the Vet for the third time, for his 2nd vaccine this time we saw a different vet at the practice.  Upon much closer inspection she declared Zeus a GIRL!  We've decided we won't be changing names.  I couldn't do anything but laugh over this!

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Enchantment of Winter and PhotoHunt

Well my body forced me to take it easy this weekend, I started out with a sore throat on Tuesday and developed into a cough and congestion with fever by Friday.  Which meant I spent Saturday and Sunday either sleeping or stitching.  Sometimes its nice to be forced into relaxing... but not the ideal timeline for me.  I've got to get healthy, I'm running the 10K in Ottawa Race Weekend in two weeks!  I have started getting in my long runs on Saturdays and well that didn't happen, because I just couldn't breathe.

So between naps I managed to get all of the cross stitching finished on sections 1-3 on Enchantment of Winter.  Today I was able to start backstitching these sections and oh my there's a lot of it!  I'm not finished!  At least I'm not leaving it to the end.

In other stitching news I'm looking forward to next weekend!  So is Todd, as he puts it Mississippi Massacre 2011 will be starting Friday evening which means fishing season begins and he's off with the boys... well the girls will play.  I am of course hosting my stitching weekend!  Some bloggers you may be familiar with will  be coming over to stitch with me: Christin, Bonnie, Rebbecca, Kathy, Beatrice and Lynn are amongst the group.  I am so looking forward to my friends coming and stitching with me!

Yesterday was PhotoHunt day, and the theme for May 7th was "digital"

I had to go quite a ways back in the photo archives to find something to suit this theme!  Here's Todd from Thanksgiving weekend of 2007 looking at his big digital watch while we were on the 1,000 Islands Boat Cruise.

I have a busy week ahead but I must listen to my body if I'm going to be healthy!!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hey Bon Jovi!

Last night I went with a friend of mine to the Bon Jovi concert in town.  We had a great time!  Here are a few shots from last night.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

TUSAL for May

Its TUSAL time again!!  I got in quite a bit of stitching time in this month and I have to say my ort jar is looking quite spring-y.  There's a lot of golds, blues and whites from Enchantment of Winter, the brighter colours are from my quilt blocks and my giveaway pieces.

Zeus kinda helped with the staging of this month's orts!

The last PhotoHunt theme for 2009 was "Twelve"

This photo is a few years old, one year suddenly these "gourd sculptures" with freaky faces started popping up around the village I live in.  Eventually the elements took their toll.  Anyhow on this sculpture there are twelve gourds.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

May Goals & April Review

Its a new month and that means its time to review what I got done in April and talk about what I'd like to get done in May.

April Goals -- Reviewed

Work on Enchantment of Winter - Got lots done!
Work on The Accolade - A wee bit
Stitch 1 Ornament - Yes
Work on Quilt Blocks - Yes
Stitch gifts for Draw Winners - Stitched but not finished

May Goals

Work on Enchantment of Winter

Work on The Accolade
Stitch 1 Ornament
Work on Quilt Blocks

How about another PhotoHunt?  This one is from December 19, 2009 the theme was "fast".

I think the fastest thing I've ever been in that fast is a plane, these suckers go hundreds of miles an hour.  I took this photo on my way back home from the D.R. as the sun was starting to set.