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Sunday, October 05, 2003


I had hoped to get a nice long stretch of stitching in today after judging at a TKD tournament this morning (Saturday), but I got home and just crashed. I did manage to sit down and put in about 3 hours on Peacock Tapestry and I am totally finished all the cross stitch on Section 4! (minus beads and gold cord) One of the few sections I can actually say is complete as I will not allow myself to start stitching the bird until everything else is done! I'm to the point now there's this nice bird shaped area of "negative space".

As I worked tonight on the small trees in the background of Peacock Tapestry it just amazed me each time I stopped to take a look at the talent Teresa Wentzler has! These small trees , the ones in the far distance the bottom half of the stitch is done in greens and blends of greens, the top stitch is one strand of 453. It gives this wonderful hazy sense of distance. The Small trees closer up are stitched in only half stitches and again give a sense of distance but since they have not been muted with a lighter colour on top you really get this sense that they are closer. Then of course there is backstitch that just gives total definition, the shape of the top of the trees! Its amazing how backstitch just makes everything come to life! This is the point where I really start enjoying a project, once I can see the entire piece coming together.

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