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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Happy Birthday Todd!

Todd is 32 today! Its a low key birfday around here. We had breakfast with his parents and we picked up his DQ Blizzard cake. I gave him the two die cast car models I bought for him in Kingston this morning. I have two more gifts I'd like to get him but I never had a chance last week because he was home on holidays and had my car most of the time.

When we got home we puttered in the yard. I started digging up a small strip along the side of the house where once I buy soil to put in there I'll be dividing and transplanting my daylillies there so I can get them out of my iris bed where they have been taking over!

I scanned my Michael Powell today, to show what progress I've made over the last week! I have conquered the sky and I got all the white done (might not be too obvious). This piece is whipping right along!

Mini Cottages 2

I've got a nice start on my Judy Dixon freebie which I will go focus on once I'm done here on the computer!

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