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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A Few Wedding Piccys...

My webspace is behaving today so I've uploaded a few piccys from the wedding.

First here I am in my "finery" Please keep in mind I had no choice in colour.

Next myself and the bride (ick my arms look FAAATTT! And my farmer's tan is sooo obvious!) Maybe the official photographer made me look better ;-)

Here's the Bride and Groom after the ceremony

The Bride and Groom with their wedding gift from us

And finally my favorite : the shotgun wedding!


Shannon said...

You looked fabulous, Dani ! :) And the bride and groom looked pretty good too LOL Your wedding sampler is absolutely gorgeous too - they must have been thrilled.

Katrina said...

Hi Dani, I've been waiting very patiently for you to put up some wedding pics up this week, lol. Thanks for sharing them - you looked lovely, and the brides dress is gorgeous.

MOM said...

I think the photos are beautiful as is your dress Dani. If you like it and MAY actually have a choice to wear it again you could always have it dyed. The couple look wonderful. I too love the shotgun pic! mandy

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

The shotgun pic looks pretty funny and you look fabulous in the dress. I don't see any tan in the pic

Erin said...

great pics!!! And I think you look great. I'm self-conscious about my arms, too....which is why my wedding dress had floaty chiffon sleeves.... But trust me, you look lovely!

The shotgun pose is awesome. Could totally have been my dad - and I'm sure some of my friends/ex-BFs would have thought it was for real. haha

And they look so pleased with your stitching!! YAY!

Carol said...

I was hoping you would put up some wedding pics! You look great (so does the bride - LOL!). Actually, lavender looks good on you :-) Where was Todd, I was hoping to see him too??? Oh my, that sampler is so gorgeous, and they look so pleased with it. Great job - and thanks for sharing! Now to wait with baited breath for Katrina and Glenn's wedding photos :-) Makes me want to get married again :-)