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Monday, July 25, 2005

Busy Weekend, But its Finally Finished

It took me longer than expected to finish that ornament. By 10pm on Friday it still wasn't finished (despite my desperate attempts!), Saturday I never touched a needle but I got it done just in time for bed last night!

So clickity click here and you can see it. Once again its top secret for those in my Ornament RR unless you want to spoil the surprise! Now my only complaint is who designs something that's 69x69 stitches, decides it should be over one and whoila its an ornament! This piece was quite a bit of work and if stitched over two would be a good size!

This long weekend was a busy one (I took Friday off). I spent all day Friday in Cornwall with Chrisanne stitching away! I also got to raid her mother's fantastic gardens and got some perennials for my beds which are lacking this year.

Saturday morning I taught two classes at Taekwon-Do, quite a few new students suddenly, which is great! Then I drove out to visit with my friend Alison and meet her new baby. I was able to visit until 2:30 when I had to head home to be picked up by my parents. We went to Kingston where we had dinner at the Lockmaster and went to Old Fort Henry where the Kingston Symphony Orchestra was performing 1812 Oveture. Now 1812 was really cool and so were the two other classical pieces they played but most of the evening was a compilation of Billy Joel and Elton John backed up by the orchestra. Which I don't really like too much. So that was a shame but you can't beat an evening's entertainment (with cannons) for 25.00

Sunday I got to finally go out to the cottage! I fished... and got skunked then I slept all afternoon in my awesome and most comfortable ever hammock!

Tonight I'm going to pull Celtic Band Sampler back out until August 1st when Midi Mystery 1 part 2 will be released!


Katrina said...

great ornie Dani - can see how the 1 over 1 can keep you going.... and going... and going! time consuming huh?

Laural said...

Amen Dani! I had that ornie in one of mine and I just did the head part. It looks great BTW!