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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Start of My Long Weekend!

Its a four-day weekend for me, and I've really been looking forward to it! We have nothing special planned, except for dinner with Todd's folks on Sunday. We slept in this morning, had breakfast, now I can just settle in to stitch.

I worked a little bit on Paradigm Lost last night after I got home from all my running around. So here's where I'm at this morning before I put needle and thread to fabric....

I hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend!


Karin said...

Have a great Easter weekend, Dani. Your PL looks fantastic, and I can't wait to see your progress on it.

Brigitte said...

Four days in a row without obligatuions, that's a dream come true, isn't it. We also have a long weekend here and nothing will keep me from reading and stitching.

CindyMae said...

Wish I had a four day weekend! That is ok though my bosses will be gone part of the time so I get the office to myself! LOL I can usually sneak in some stitching time at work when they are gone! ;) Love the stitching!! It looks gorgeous!! Enjoy your weekend!!!

Lelia said...

Enjoy your time off -- have a great Easter!

valerie said...

Four day weekend?! OMG, so jealous. I just have a standard two day weekend. Love how PL is coming along. Can't wait to see the progress post-weekend. Happy Easter!

Abi said...

Enjoy your 4-day weekend! That sounds heavenly. Your PL looks great. I just started it. I think about 30 stitches in. LOL. I don't think I'll be able to catch up with you.

Ranae said...

Have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Easter!!

Anonymous said...

We have a four day weekend here in the UK too! I hope you have a relaxing break, with plenty of stitching! PL looks amazing.

Julie said...

Happy Easter, have a nice relaxing time

glamlawlib said...

PL is gorgeous, love the colour :)

Have a great Easter w/end!

Christine said...

Happy easter Dani, enjoy your stitching

Karan said...

Have a lovely easter break Dani. Great to see PL again. :0)

Christine S said...

Thanks for the close-up photo of PL! It really shows off the beautiful colours of the floss you're using.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Dani,

Hope that you have a great holiday
weekend and get lots and lots of
time to stitch. I was really
hoping to get some stitching time
in today, but somehow that never
happened. There's just not enough
hours in the day to get everything
done I guess.

I wanted to let you know that I
started at Weight Watcher's nearly
two weeks ago, inspired in part by
your own success in the past year
in loosing weight.

I've followed your progress and rooted for you every step (and
run, stretch or point counted)
of the way, and when I finally
made the decision to make my own commitment to the program I held you as my inspiration.

First weeks weight in I lost 2.2 pounds. That let me know that I am following the plan correctly, and I was quite delighted. It's going to be a long road ahead, but I've found the program to be relatively easy to follow and and the support at the meetings is a big help.

I'm walking for half an hour in
the evening (on weekdays) and at
some point each day on the weekend
and after three weeks of walking I
do notice a difference in my
endurance and the way my body
feels at the end. I'm a couch
potato by nature and so beginning
any kind of physical exercise was
a shock to the system.

So I'm facing the journey ahead
with equal parts determination,
trepidation, excitement and hope.

Thanks for sharing your own
journey with us during this past
year, and good luck with the final
steps to your personal goal. You
will get there soon, I have no


Tammy said...

Stitching is lovely, as is the norm.

Your weekend sounds like it will be a nice quiet one. I'm outta here shortly to spend a couple days in Cornwall with Todd's family.

As for your question on blog the other day about my work out.

I do this:

1. Warm up cardio 10-15 minutes
2. Weight train (whatever body part is next in line to be done)
3. Back to ther cardio machines (treadmill then bike to break up lactic acid in legs from running) for another 30-45 minutes.

Now, keep in mind. That is what I used to do hardcore ALL THE TIME, but I'm just working my way back to that intense of a time commitment. It's not working out so well, but that is my ultimate goal.

I can get this kind of work out in maybe once a week right now, where it used to 5-6x per week.

Big hugs!