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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Photo Hunt #69 "Funky"

I started going through my files to find something "funky" it was a bit of a trip down memory lane when I started looking... but then I remembered this picture I took back in May of a tulip and for some reason the colours are over exposed or something because it had this funky/cool effect.

I have been stitching this weekend and I was hoping to finish the ornament I've been working on. But we went and spent some time with family today so while I did stitch outside for a bit while we visited I didn't stitch anywhere near as much I would if I had been at home by myself. Needless to say its not done, and I'm too tired to take a picture of my progress right now.

I should finish it tomorrow evening.


Beatrice said...

You're right that is soooo cool and funky.
My father was a photographer and often said if you just let it happen the photo is always going to be special.
He taught photography at a local College. I don't think I learned much.
My pictures are never that interesting. You have it or you don't. You do!!!

Lynne said...

That is just the neatest picture !! Congratulations again !

Hannah said...

Wow! It doesn't even really look like a photograph... more like a computer generated image :) That's pretty neat.

Karen said...

That is one funky tulip! lol

Lynn said...

Cool picture! What kind of camera do you use? You take such great pictures.