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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Blog Ketchup!

Well its been a few days since I've blogged! How can that be? So lets get you all caught up on the going-ons in my life.

Thursday my Mum, Christin, Chrisanne and I went and saw The Police in concert. I had seen Sting about 5 or so years ago when he came into town as a solo artist. I did enjoy that show. Meanwhile The Police weren't bad, I have to say I've been to better concerts! As you all know I'm an avid concert-goer and I think my opinion stands for something (for some strange reason the local paper gave the show a glowing review).
The show was opened by Elvis Costello

First of all, Sting, you surely needed a shave! Meanwhile a 5 o'clock shadow is sexy on some men, a 3 day salt & pepper growth of facial hair made you look OLD and not sexy. The t-shirt you were wearing, was thin with holes in it! My first impression, did you roll out of bed after a 3-day drinking binge, suddenly remembering that you had a concert to put on?

Second, your opening song should be something that gets the audience on its feet, dancing, singing along, and cheering. A "mellowed down" version of "Bring On The Night" didn't even get me on the edge of my seat!

Third, the 3-4 songs following the opening were so obscure that I was starting to fall asleep! I was yawning big time! My Mum went out for a smoke (she's never done this at a concert!) and Christin and Chrisanne decided to visit the facilities. Usually a visit to the ladies room is the LAST thing you want to do during a concert!

Fourth, when you did start playing the hits, the improvising, melodizing, and drawing 4 minute songs into 10 minute songs ... just sucked! I want to be able to sing along, when you go off into long guitar riffs and leave out the rest of the lyrics... just sucks. I can't fault the guitar playing, I can't fault the percussion but everything just seemed to be mellowed down and drawn out. At a concert I want to have the urge to get off of my butt and on my feet dancing and cheering you seriously disappointed me Sting!

And that's all I have to say about that.

Now on the up side... more STASH! From Christin, part of my birthday gift, that took longer than expected to arrive in the mail. A FULL set of the DMC Colour Variations! How lovely!

On Friday my order from Down Sunshine Lane arrived! I've got the last four words for the Lizzie*Kate Double Flip-its! I also added to the order Housework Never Killed Anyone and A-B-C-razy Alphabet. I'm looking forward to stitching all of these charts.

Today Christin and I went and saw Iron Man in the theaters... we both really enjoyed it! Worth the cost of a matinee!


AnnMcD said...

" Housework never killed anybofdy"...comon Dani..that's just need the one I saw in Nashville..." Housework makes you ugly"!

Kathy A. said...

So sorry to hear that you were disappointed in the Police. At least Ironman was a good one. All the DMC Variations - wow - lucky you

Mel in Dubai said...

Shame about the concert - sounds like the Shakira concert we went to and paid mega bucks for last year that sucked big time!

Nice stash haul and I like that L*K Housework one! I stitched up the Only Dull Women Have Immaculate Homes one years ago - might have to add this one to the stash to go along with it :)

Sally said...

Nice new stash Dani!

Sorry to hear you were disappointed with The Police concert. That is a real bummer when you pay lots of money.

Julie said...

Great stash and nice birthday gift.

Shame when you are disappointed with a concert after the high cost of going in the first place. You would have thought a star like him would have rocked!

Carla said...

Sorry the concert was not what you expected...
Great stash!!

Carol said...

Hi from Jeannette Douglas! Saw her yesterday at Celebration! Ouch - sorry The Police did not fulfill your expectations - I had always thought they would be a fun concert... thanks for the update on the Waterlilies this AM

Michelle said...

Great stash! Sorry to hear you were disappointed with The Police.

stitcherw said...

Sorry the concert was such a disappointment, sounds like they forgot what people go to a concert for. Like you, I want to feel like I have to get up and move, and I want the songs to follow the songs as I know them, not be constantly changed or drawn out.

However, wonderful stash. The variations are so pretty, you'll love using those, and the patterns are great. I don't have the last ones for the LK double flips yet, although I did order them, but since I just started this I won't need them for a while. You're going to be posting a finish very soon I think.

staci said...

Bummer about the concert :(

But what great stash! Really, housework never killed anyone? Sometimes I feel like it's gonna do me in, LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Aha, I knew there must a good side to being middle-aged: I got to see The Police live in 1982, when they were still young and just blew everyone away with their energy. Best part was that Sting, yes, the 1982-therefore-still-young-Sting, ended the evening shirtless (what else, on a July evening in Italy?), leaping and bounding on the stage and still belting out.... wow! After that experience I never even remotely considered the idea of trying to see them on their current tour, it just couldn't be the same. So sorry for you youngsters :-)

Nice stash - you'll have the Flip-It banner stitched in no time now!

ollie1976 said...

Sorry that the concert was bad. When I saw them last summer I thought they were decent.

Tammy said...

Holy you are funny! Next time you don't like a concert you shouldn't hold back, but really tell us how you feel! LOL In all honesty, sorry you didn't enjoy yourself. I honestly hate concert performances don't stay try to the original song. Inserting a little extra something is one thing, but making it so that I can't sing along really bothers me too!

Beatrice said...

When I saw the Police they were wonderful. I guess they should have quit while they were at the top......
All those threads from Christin are wonderful. What a lovely gift. You deserve it!
All your stash looks like fun too!

Karan said...

Shame about the concert: guess they should think about retiring if they're not up to it any more. :0(
Very nice stash haul. :0)