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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Almost There...

Greetings readers! Its been far too many days once again! Friday morning Todd came home from work several hours earlier than I expected and we were packed and off to the cottage for the long weekend! Unfortunately there's no Internet access that I can hook into (can you say unprotected wireless signal?) at the lake. Of course there rarely are any crazy adventures at the cottage. I pretty much spend my day going for walks, having a meal of some sort, stitching on the deck, and maybe a little fishing with Todd (and getting a sunburn whenever I go in the boat!).

I've been home for a day and I'm about to head out again tomorrow morning (ahhh long live the Road Warrior!). I'll be zipping off to Brighton in my trusty car (good car, car!) to visit with Ann for a few days. Thursday I'll get to hang with her Thursday stitching group where we'll be celebrating Beatrice's 60th Birthday! (mmmm cake!) Then there's Ann's smaller Friday stitching group. Can you guess what I'll be doing at Ann's?

Indigo (Moonlight Guardian) has been getting a lot of my attention whenever I've been able to spare it. I have to say she's almost there! I've got a little bit of cross stitching left, backstitching, beads and she'll be done! So watch this space for a Happy Dance!!!

I've already got my stitching packed to go to Ann's and I'm not sure what I'm going to work on next once Moonlight Guardian is done! I could treat myself to a new start... and if I do feel generous I've got Ink Circles Blackstone Fantasy Garden kitted up. I could start this month's ornament which is also kitted up, a prairie schooler Santa I plan to stitch over one. I could finally give Paradigm Lost a little love. Also I've been thinking the last few days I should really get working on Jeannette Douglas's Pomegranates and Pears. I took the class at last October's Gananoque Inn Retreat (hosted by Knit One, Stitch Too ... formerly the Cross Stitch Cupboard) and since I'll be going again this year I should really have it completed for the stitcher's gallery. Decisions... decisions.

I guess you'll just have to stay tuned to see what I decide!

On the Weight Watchers front... I'm happy to report a loss of 2.5 lbs this week! Yay! I wasn't sure what to expect when I stepped on the scale tonight as being at the cottage I am at the mercy of my MIL's excellent cooking. I guess I was very good and went for enough walks! This now puts me at a total of 34 lbs lost! Hopefully this means I'll be able to meet my goal of being down a total of 40lbs by the first week of school in September. On Saturday evening I got a great reaction from Todd's Dad when I got changed to go play Euchre with him and Todd at a nearby church. I had changed into my new jeans and a top I had bought form American Eagle in the US last week (its nice to finally be a size where I can shop pretty much anywhere, not just the plus sized stores). He was a little surprised to see just how much I had lost. I have to admit its hard to tell when you're wearing your old clothes that are too big. I just don't have the heart to put too much money into my wardrobe when I still have a long way to go.

Well I must get to bed I've got a 3 hour drive ahead of me tomorrow!


GailR said...

Wow, you're up late - but I'm up later. Check out my blog please.


Mel in Dubai said...

Indigo looks great and congratulations on the continuing weight loss! I need some of your willpower!!

ollie1976 said...

That's awesome about the weight loss!

Sally said...

WOW you have been stitching up a storm on Indigo and she looks brilliant!

Congratulations on the weight loss!

Lennu said...

Indigo looks wonderful! It must be great to be so near to a happy dance :)

Petra said...

Major congratulations on the weight loss! Indigo looks great, you're so quick!

Carla said...

Indigo looks fantastic!
Congrats on the weight loss!!!

Angela said...

Indigo looks wonderful, it is stitching up very quickly and I am enjoying watching the progress. Congrats on the weight loss, something I need to do too!

Suzanne said...

Moonlight Guardian is looking really good, it must be a relief that it's almost complete. Funny, how you almost get to the end of a project and you are already looking to what to stitch next. I always find this so distracting and makes it really hard to finish.

By the way, I sent your squares off the other day, so hopefully they don't take too long to reach you.

Chiloe said...

Congrats for the weight loss: hope to can meet your goal very soon ;-) It feels sooo good when people start noticing the weight loss.

Great progress. Enjoy your week end ;)

Beatrice said...

Indigo is Awesome. I feel like I need to put some more time on Bling.
You look amazing with the weight loss.
It was fun to see you at Ann's!See you this afternoon!

Julie said...

Indigo looks lovely, congrats on the weight loss!