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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fair & Square Round 8 From Suzanne

I had a pleasant surprise in the mail today from Suzanne! It was the gorgeous squares she stitched me for round 8 of Fair & Square.

Aren't they beautiful???

I have been stitching the last few days, but not a lot its been a busy few days. Also I have been battling migraines yet again. I have done a little work on my Prarie Schooler Santa also I've been working on the outlines on Balckstone Fantasy Garden. This may sound very boring, but there's a method to my madness! On Saturday I'm off to Ann's one day retreat (there's an invite on her blog if you're anywhere near Brighton, Ontario), she's held it for about 8 years now. Its a great day, there's no cost, just your gas to get there and a contribution to the potluck! I think we're expecting about 30 stitchers on Saturday and with that many ladies around talking I know I won't be able to focus on intricate counting or colour changes. So my plan is to do the filling in between the outlines of the big Celtic knot. I will pack a number of other projects as well in case I feel I need a challenge. So if you're going to Ann's retreat... I'll see you on Saturday!

Well I didn't have a good night at Weight Watchers last night. Despite the jeans I had bought almost three weeks ago starting to be loose, I had a gain. Argh I'm now up 1.5 lbs! I know, I have no one else to blame but myself. I wasn't as vigilant with my foods, and I didn't earn one single activity point! I do think we need these hiccups every once and awhile to whip us back into shape, and out of complacency.


karenv said...

Beautiful squares!

ollie1976 said...

Perfectly normal to have a gain...just get back on track and you'll be fine!

Chiloe said...

You're right: it's like a warning ;) I'm sure next week you'll do better. DOn't forget some activities beside stitching !!! lol

Erica said...

Those squares are lovely - you're very lucky.

Enjoy your retreat - it sounds like fun!

Don't stress too much about the weight gain - I know you'll get back on track. You're only human, after all! Don't let it stop you - you've done so well so far!

Vonna said...

Well and even if you say that you weren't diligent tracking your foods, always remember that the female body is a blasted thing and depending on the time of month you can lose and gain weight at the drop of a hat.
You're doing FABULOUS and I for one applaud your every move! HURRAY Dani!

The squares are gorgeous Suzanne does impeccable work!

Valerie said...

The squares are lovely! Really like the reds in the floss.

Gains are hard. Stick with it, I know it's really difficult to lose weight and can be so easy to get discouraged.

Dawn said...

The square are beautiful!

I hope your migraines go away quickly.

Erica said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
I always enjoy meeting other stitchers.
I enjoyed wandering through your blog. I commiserate with you on the weight loss struggle. Congratulations on your success! I don't seem to be getting anywhere with it at the moment, but I am still trying!

Carol R said...

Beautiful squares from Suzanne.
Hope your headache clears soon.

Have fun at Ann's. I would love to join you but I think Ontario is a bit far from my home in the UK

Crazee4books said...

Hi Dani,

The weekend at Ann's sounds
like it'll be a blast. Wow!
30 stitchers in attendance.
That's incredible. Hope you
have a ton of fun!!

Your square from Suzanne is
a beauty. A lovely red
variegated thread, and I like
the eight sided design shape.
Sort of Christmasy, don't you

Sorry to hear that you had a
slight hiccup in your weight
loss program, but then you're
only human and slip ups once
in awhile are inevitable.
Just remember how far you've
come so far.

Hope the migraines pass and
you're feeling back to normal
soon. Do you find the weather
to be a factor in when you get

Have a great weekend!!!

Mylene said...

squares are lovely.

Hope your migraine's gone and ENJOY the weekend!!

Kathryn said...

Ah, glad you enjoyed the SF/Fantasy convention news. But really, you DO NOT have to be hard core to go. That's the beauty of worldcons -- there is just SO MUCH to do that most people just do a few things (like going to readings or panels with a few favorite authors) and don't worry about all the people behind the scenes making sure that things run. I'm a con runner because most of my friends are con runners, so that is where I hang out, but Ruth was just fine going to panels and checking out the dealers' room. Besides it would be terrible for you to dismiss cons when Worldcon will be in MONTREAL next year (probably the closest it will come in decades). Check it out here.

Claire said...

Keep the faith girl, and be strong. I love it that you've already lost that much. You're just a regular hottie now:)
Love ya much

Itching To Stitch said...

Beautiful squares from Suzanne ;)

Beatrice said...

The squares from Suzanne are so pretty!!!
See you on Sat. That little hic-up is nothing to worry'll be back on track in no time. You are doing so well!!!!

Shelleen said...

lovely square.

Sharon said...

Beautiful squares!

Karan said...

Love the squares - colour is gorgeous. :0)