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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SBQ : August 7th

Q :What do you do to your thread clippings? Do you just scrap them or do you use them in something else?

A : I put them into a big mason jar. On January 1st of each year I empty that jar into the garbage and start fresh!


Chiloe said...

Good idea to get a fresh start ;)

Barbara said...

Orts make GREAT filling. Seriously.

Michele said...

love your ort jar! sooo colorful :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea. I use the corner block in my floss box for each project and empty it when the project is complete and I put all my flosses back in my stash.

Julie said...

i have a tin that i empty when i start a new project, but i'm slowly warming to the ORT jar idea LOL

Carol R said...

Your jar looks nearly full now Dani!

mercy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog :-) The only problem with carrying my camera is that I feel like such a newb when I do it. I haven't really "learned" it yet but my cousin keeps on telling me how else to I expect to learn if I don't use it. I'm saving up to buy myself a "walking" lens since I don't really like my kit lens. It's suppose to rain tomorrow here so my camera is definitely staying home tonight. The Hallowscornu is by Barbara Ana Designs and you can get it from as a download. I'm a slow stitcher but it's stitching up quick I *hope* to finish the border tonight (and tomorrow) on the train :-)

Suzanne said...

I have a beautiful decorative bottle that I fill up with all my orts. I am waiting till I have enough and then I am going to use them to stuff a pillow or ornament.

tkdquintmom said...

Dani, I know of a gal that takes her yearly orts and puts them into a plain clear glass ornament every year for Christmas. Cool huh? BTW what degree are you in TKD? Good to see you on my board :-)

Sherry said...

I save my threads all year in a zip baggie then come each Spring, I put them out in a dish for the birds to use in the nest building! It's a fun way to give back and fun to watch them sorting through them for just the "right" ones to use!

Erynne said...

I shamefully admit that my thread clippings end up here, there and everywhere. From the bottom of the kid's socks to being stuck in the rollers of the vaccuum. I have no idea how that happens as I clip and then I put them on the arm rest of my stitching chair to chuck later on. I've even had thread clinging to my behind...sheesh....nothing like a skinny pink tail eh?!


Crazee4books said...

Hi Dani,

I love your ort jar. It's a
little piece of art in itself,
with all the colourful thread
bits layered inside. And the tradition of emptying it out
at years end is great.

I like Sherry's idea too though,
of setting the threads outside
for the birds to use as nesting material. I can just imagine
all the purple nests you'd
have around your house from
stitching Indigo.

Now wonder you've been obsessed
with your newest stitching
project. Blackstone is an
amazing design, and Carrie's
Threads are so beautiful.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed
Twilight. I've heard how popular
the series is with teens, so
it's no wonder you learned
about it at work. Another
YA Vampire series that I love
is the one by P.A. and Kristen
Cast. The first is called
Marked. You might enjoy it too.

Hope your first day back to
work wasn't too stressful.
Oh, to win the lottery and be
able to retire!


samplerlover said...

Hi Dani, I have one of those little containers that you used to get your Kodak film in and I fill that up with my threads. When it gets full I usually throw them away.
Your jar looks lovely and colourful. Sherry's idea with the birds is a good idea. I will have to remember it.
I once read about an interior designer who used to save all the lint from her dryer and used the lint to stuff cushions, which I thought was a good idea. I have been considering saving a little bit of mine for stuffing small christmas ornies.
I hope work wasn't terrible for you and that they didn't leave a lot for you when you returned.
Your Blackstone Fantasy Garden is looking lovely and what a great start. = Sandra.

Claire said...

I use the ort jar too, but I'm thinking of using them this year to stuff an orny.
Good luck at school. I just started back too and love to hate it:)

Miokka said...

Great idea to save all year then toss on January 1. Mine get saved in a small whitman tin till it gets full, then dumped in the trash. I used to save and put out for the birds, but, they never took them!
I'm looking forward to watching your Ink Circle progress!