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Sunday, July 31, 2011

PhotoHunt for July 30th

I forgot to post yesterday's PhotoHunt!  The theme for yesterday was "Together"

I picked this photo since yesterday was Todd's Birthday.  Here he is together with his one true love: a Ferrari.  I took this picture just the other weekend when we were in Quebec City.  Todd is a true "gear head" he loves cars, especially the exotic cars!  His jaw just hit the ground when he saw this parked on the road.  Because he loves cars that means I know a lot about cars too.  I must admit I do like to drive and I do like nice cars... just wished I could afford a nice car too!


Teresa said...

I think all boys like fast expensive cars. Tell him to keep dreaming.
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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Todd. You know you could have bought him that for his birthday. I think he would really have liked that. ;-)

Karen said...

Cars and boys... the two just go hand in hand lol.