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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday PhotoHunt "Hand Written" & A Happy Dance

Its Saturday which means its PhotoHunt day!  The theme this week is "Hand Written"

This picture is from my life-long friend Andrew's wedding day this past September.  Here he is hand writing his signature on his wedding licence.  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding!  Never thought he would get married before I did!

Today I also celebrated a Happy Dance!  I started this wee, cute freebie ornament from Daffycat's blog last weekend.  It would of been finished sooner but its been a busy week.

Snow Hop
c2011 Sharon Bennett
Stitched on 32ct Queen Ann's Lace Joblean
Stitched with DMC floss

Some of you might know I on and off blog on a weight loss/weight maintenance blog.  I keep finding my heart hasn't really been into that blog for sometime. now.  So for the moment I'm going to just let that blog sit and I'll tell you about my struggles from time to time here.  My long-time readers will know that a few years ago I went through quite a transformation, loosing over 60 pounds through Weight Watchers.  In the spring/summer I packed back on 10lbs.  About a month ago I decided instead of just doing my once a month weigh-in and paying the fee for being above my goal weight (which wasn't working), I bought 8 weeks worth of coupons and I am going weekly, and weighing in weekly.  Week one was good I lost 1.5 lbs, so was week two I lost 1 lbs... doing well right?  Until I hit week 3, where I gained 1.5 lbs... that was a shock and I had moments where I didn't want to be committed to eating/exercising properly.  I did trudge through last week and was rewarded with a 1 lb loss!  So I'm back to where I was, down 2.5lbs out of 10... only 7.5 to go!  In an ideal world I'd love to loose it all by Christmas but with one poor week I don't think that's a reality.  I'll keep plugging away at this!


Barbi said...

Don't worry Dani! You'll get back down! You know that losing weight isn't just a one way downward journey, sometimes we retain water for no reason other than we took an Advil. :)
Your finish is GREAT!!!! I stitched this one too.

ollie1976 said...

I love the little prints that the cardinal made. Very cute.
You know that the battle with the weight is a hard will get back on track.

Anonymous said...

I learned the hard way that it is really difficult to keep up two blogs.

I'm right there with you on the weight struggles. Dr. allowed me to go off my diabetes meds with the understanding I would continue to make right choices. All of a sudden ... I crave EVERYTHING.

Tomorrow it's BACK TO THE GYM and hopefully that will spur me on to make right food choices.

I know you can do it. You are a strong lady!

Angie said...

cute finish. Loosing weight is so hard as is maintenance. So very understand that one.

Kate said...

Cute finish.
Keep going with the weight loss - you will get there.

Christine said...

Sweet ornament. Hang in with the weight loss, sometimes you do get an odd week fluctuating back up, but so long as the overall trend is down that is what matters

Brigitte said...

That's a cute little finish.

cucki said...

wow sweet finish..good luck with the weight loss...
love and hugs xx

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous finish. Love the photo hunt picture. Keeping going with your weight loss you wil get there.

Bette said...

I can so relate to your struggles. Just remember, muscle weighs more than fat. Check to see how your clothes are fitting. You might be surprised.

Sally said...

A cute finish Dani.

You will get there with your weight I am sure. Keep on going.

Anonymous said...

What an adorable finish! Take it one day at a time on your weight loss journey; you will get there!

Robin in Virginia

Lynn said...

It'll come Dani. Just don't rush it. I'm down 19 lbs now. I've lost about a pound a week on average. Some weeks have been really frustrating though. Our lifestyle is such that we are eating out a lot.

Melanie said...

You'll get there!! I know you will. :)
It's so hard with this sort of thing during the holidays. *sigh* I have to have my physical done in January so I'm feeling a little under the gun this month too. I really want to have a good visit but shortbread cookies! And holiday chocolates! :(

Julie said...

Beautiful choice of pic for the photo hunt.
Gorgeous cute ornament.
(big hug) Dani x

Suzanne said...

Cute finish!