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Friday, May 16, 2014

Stitching Goals for May and May 3rd PhotoHunt

The month is about half over, and I haven't shared my stitching goals for this month nor have I reviewed how things went in April.  First up, the April review.

April Stitching Goals
Work on TW's Birth Announcement - Sure did!
Stitch an ornament - Several
Do some finishing - Not as much as I would of liked

May Stitching Goals
Work on TW's Birht Announcement\
Stitch an ornament

The PhotoHunt theme on May 3rd was Jiffy

If I wanted to get around in a jiffy one of these would fit the bill nicely!


cucki said...

Big hugs x

Bonnie Brown said...

Congrats on last month. Looks like you did do several ornaments!
Good luck on the coming month

Christine said...

Good luck with your May goals

Annette said...

Good luck on your goals