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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WIP Wednesday

If you were looking forward to my WIP Wednesday post last week, I'm sorry it didn't happen.  Due to some fairly tragic events (it made International news) in the city I live in, Ottawa I just wasn't in the mood to blog. 

So let's get caught up!

First up I had a visitor for the weekend of October 17th!  Bonnie and her husband came for the weekend.  We had hoped to do this in the summer, but life got in the way and it just never happened.  Bonnie and her husband are HUGE Ottawa Senators Fans, my local NHL hockey team.  Its become an annual tradition for them to come up for a visit and the first home game of the season.  This year since the first home game was on Thrusday followed by another game on Saturday they stayed for the weekend, and we made plans for all of us to go to Saturday's game.  We had a blast!

 Blackwork Monthly Blocks
San Man Originals

That weekend I had a week Happy Dance!  Last time I blogged I showed you my start on Kathy's SanMan RR.  I managed to finish that up, and even passed it onto Bonnie to do a block!

For the next week I was quite disciplined and I pulled out and exclusively worked on The Accolade.  With something this big its always so hard to see what progress has been made.

Miss Witchy Mouse
Just Nan
Stitched on 32ct Natural Linen
Stitched with DMC & Mill Hill Beads

Since Halloween was just around the corner I next pulled out one of those adorable Just Nan critter ornament kits.  Miss Witchy Mouse has just was begging to be stitched, which I did last week and I managed to do the finishing on Sunday.  I love her!

This led to me deciding Boris the Bat also needs to be done in time for this Halloween!  I wrapped up the stitching on him yesterday.  My plan was to do the finishing tonight, but blogging needed to be done!

Since I still had some time before bed last night I had another new start!  I know this isn't going to be finished in time for this Halloween, but I started Lizzie*Kate's Hats Off to Halloween 2.  I figure this way I'm done with this chart and its not going to sit and collect dust until I feel like Halloween stitching again.


Barb said...

First off, I am so sorry for the tragedy both your city and country have experienced. You do have the sympathy of many Americans. The stitching is looking great! That little mouse is just adorable. Looked like a good week-end with friends!

sharine said...

That was truly tragic. The little mouse is adorable and the hockey game looked fun :)

Anne S said...

Wonderful stitching as always :)

Linda said...

Lovely stitching Dani and that mouse is adorable.


cucki said...

beautiful stitching as always xx

Rhona said...

Such a tragic event.
Your stitching looks wonderful, especially that cute little mouse!

D1-D2 said...

I actually found out when my plane landed in Toronto. I was very shocked about the news.

The mouse is so cute. Did it come with the little broom or did you make it?

Julie said...

It was so sad to hear the news of your city.

Miss Witchy Mouse is adorable.
What a fun time you had at the game.

Anonymous said...

Cute picture of you and Bonnie! You are definitely in the hockey spirit!

We still haven't picked which game we are going to go to. The Flyers were only here in Florida once (in mid October) and we couldn't make it. :-(

The halloween stitches are ADORABLE. What a cute little mouse.

Suz said...

I keep debating whether or not I need Boris. I just love the mice so much that I feel like they might need more friends! :)

Andrea said...

Yes it was on the news here, such a tragic event.

Great stitching and finishing.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The news even reached the UK, in fact our paper today showed one of our ceremonial guards being guarded by one of the regular army which has not happened since 07/07.
I love your San Man square, I was tempted to stitch that one myself! How great that Bonnie joined in with our RR too.

Jan said...

I love the little mouse! Can't wait to see the bat finished.

stitcherw said...

Oct. turned out very cute, and I love the little witchy mouse, adorable!

Bonnie Brown said...

It was a great game! and a great weekend... even though we were a little under the weather.
Sorry again for spreading my cold :(

We will definitely have to do a game or 2 again next year!

Nic said...

Sad news. Not surprised you didn't feel like blogging.
Looks like you had a fun weekend with Bonnie.
Great progress on all the stitching oieces. Love the little mouse