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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Migraines and Bonfires

I'm really starting to wish that Mr. &^%$ Migraine would stop coming for visits! He popped by at about 2pm yesterday. Once again I popped some Excedrin For Migraine. I can't get that here in Canada but my last trip to the U.S. at Christmas time I picked up another bottle. The did nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch.

Once again I was not going to let Mr. Migraine stop me from having a life. After work there was a staff party, a pig roast at one of the teacher's homes on the Ottawa River (very pretty!). So after work on my way I stopped at Timmies (Tim Hortons, a coffee and doughnut shop very popular in Canada) for a large Cafe Mocah. A lot of migraine medications contain caffeine so I figured a little more couldn't hurt. I don't drink regular coffee, I can't stand it but for some reason I love the specialty coffees. By the time I got to the pig roast, and sat down in front of the fire in my lawn chair and finished my coffee I felt much better.

What is it about fire that has this magical power to bring people together? Once the sun went down and the temerature got a little cooler folk started to congregate around the bonfire in little groups talking and laughing. There's something special about a good wood fire that brings people closer together.

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