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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Please Don't Ask Me To Go Anywhere on Sunday...

6 PM Today marked the end of a VERY busy week! A week in which I did not get much stitching in....

Monday : Taekwon-Do
Tuesday : Guild Night
Wednesday : Didn't get out of work until late due to a Black Bear & Taekwon-Do
Thursday : Took my car for some maintenance
Friday : Haircut, dinner out, groceries
Saturday - Today : Volunteered at the Guild booth at the International Plowing Match.

Today was definitely an interesting day, sitting in the booth watching folk go by. Some just amazed by the work we had on display, others just kept on walking by. I think it was a successful day because folk picked up so many pamphlets. I did receive a major compliment when a woman asked me how much my Tradewinds by Teresa Wentzler was... unfourtnately I love that piece too much to sell it. That and she might not of liked the price tag I would of put on it (probably $800.00 that would be labour, supplies, and the cost of framing).

I also ran into a lot of people I either knew, had met at some point, or used to know very well. I ran into a couple of people from High School, one Taekwon-Do student, one student from the school I work at, and a friend of my Mum's. Like my best friend Christin says... "I can't take you anywhere"

Oh yeah, I finished another RR today. This is my work on Caro's TWRR, its a portion of Teresa Wentzler's Father Winter Ornament.

A huge MUCHO GRACIAS again to Vicki for the ride to the IPM!!!!

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