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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Well I Meant to Blog Last Night

Honestly I did! After a nice meal at the local pub with Todd I was feeling a little drowsy so I went to bed at 8:30... very unusual for me. You know what, woke up just as tired as if I had stayed up until almost 1pm!

I'm back at model stitching again. I have a deadline of January 14th for a piece by the Alaskan Artist Barbara Lavallee called Kuspuks by the Yard. I'm stitching this for Changing Tides Inc. a shop out of Skagway, Alaska. So far, not enjoying it... yet. I'm sure once I get into the piece I will. I think the first drawback is it is stitched on aida. Now that I'm a die hard evenweave/linen stitcher aida just seems sooooo blah! I can almost say I HATE AIDA. At first this piece of fabric was sooo stiff and awkward to handle, now that its finally softened up its not as bad. Another reason I'm not enjoying this piece yet is I'm stitching the border two rows of pink at the outer edge its 213 wide x 128 high. Can you say dull? This outer pink rows will be followed by one blue inner row. But I said I'd do it so I'd better get at it eh?

At the moment I'm looking forward to two dates stitching-wise. On December 25th the first part of Chatelaine's Mystery VI is being released! I just can't wait to start stitching with those yummy silkies. Then on January 1st some friends and I will be starting Celtic Banner from Butternut Road. Two things I need to do during my Christmas Holidays is organize my floss for both of these projects.

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Christmas holidays... to be off of work for two weeks will be HEAVEN! I've been pretty much working non-stop since my holidays in early July. I'm looking forward to stitching, getting my 2004 projects ready, cleaning, sorting, organizing my stash, and updating my webpage.

Only 11 working days to go....

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