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Friday, August 18, 2006

Random Ramblings

Hmmm where to start?

Well this evening I got an amazing deal on an HP all in one printer! I was in Wal Mart not looking for one... actually I was looking for clear quilting thread when this printer caught my eye! $54.00!!!! Its such a deal its almost criminal! Its a pretty good printer too! I was a little worried at first, over the quality of the printer being such a low price, but its pretty good. I'm not huge into printing high quality photos so it'll do nicely!

Now I need you to cross your fingers for me on Friday! I have a local company coming out to the house tomorrow, they specialize in delivering high speed Wi-Fi internet to rural areas. Sometime on Friday they'll be coming out to do a site survey and if I have a line of sight with the transmitter they'll go right ahead and install. Oooh I so hope I d
o, I'm tired of connection at 28.8!!!

While driving to an instructor's meeting for TKD I saw deer in the road! I managed to get close enough and out of my car to get pictures of a doe and her fawn. They're not the best pictures because I had to ta
ke them quickly as they were getting ready to take off! I also found a little visitor in my yard on Tuesday! Actually we've had a lot of frogs lately!

Since I have to be at home Friday for this hopeful install I'll have a day for stitching...and I may shock Todd and clean the house. Hopefully I'll be able to finish Gone Fishing and get a start on my freebie for the Needle and Thread SAL that is this weekend!


Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Good luck getting some stitching done today. I did the same yesterday waiting for a new dishwasher. Hopefully they can do something to speed up your internet. Slow connections can be such a pain:(

Michelle said...

Good luck on getting the high speed! That would be so nice. I'm home today too, so I hope to get a good chunk of stitching done as well.

Karoline said...

Good luck with the Wi-Fi, high speed internet is the bees knees!

jymisgurl said...

Gorgeous pictures!