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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Am I the Only One?

Well last night I finished the final installment of Harry Potter. While I know of many of you went into seclusion the weekend it was released and didn't come out again until you were done. I didn't get my copy until the following Monday where I have to say that I was not driven to devour the book.

I'm not going to give any spoilers... but I have to say I was not impressed, I am disappointed with the novel. I felt that it in no way kept my interest nor stood up to the first six books. I felt that J.K. Rowling was dragging out the book to meet a page quota... parts of it just didn't encourage me to keep reading to see what would happen to Harry and his friends. Then it felt like the plot was suddenly to be wrapped up and bang the book was over.

I found this final installment rather empty it in no way lived up to the caliber of the previous novels. It makes me wondering... was J.K. Rowling rushed with this novel? Was she just meeting a contractual obligation? Who knows.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone was not as happy with HP7 as I was.
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ollie1976 said...

Beautiful Morning Glory. I got HP when it came out and I still haven't read it yet so I have no idea what to think. I've read so many good things about it-but it's from people who went into seclusion-doesn't make sense to me but hey Rowling has done something wonderful for the world of reading.

Arthemise said...

It took me a while to get the book in too. I did enjoy it, but it wasn't any revelation. I was disappointed in her handling of Jenny, who was very bleh.

Cheryl said...

I just finished it last week. I did enjoy it but i was really disapoointed by the ending...especially the years later epilogue

Kathy A. said...

I loved it. I did not put it down for two days until it was done. I think people are disappointed that the Harry series is ending and that slants their expectations.

Mindi said...

I was a bit disappointed with this book too. All of the previous ones I read right away, almost non-stop. It took me a couple of weeks to finish Deathly Hallows, and I read 2 other books in the meantime.

Christine said...

I just finished it last night (I stayed up until 3:30am to get it done before I went to bed) and I quite liked it. I think the hard part with the book is that *everything* had to wrap up, and she couldn't reveal too much until close to the end or everyone would figure out exactly what was going on. Mind you, I think I had most of it figured out, but there were one or two things I wasn't expecting.

Personally, I'm just happy it ended when she said it would. I mean, I've been waiting for the end of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan since the mid 90s. It was originally supposed to be a 3 book series but it's turned into a monstrous 11 books, (and still going) with questions on whether or not it'll ever get finished because of RJ's illness.

Needlearts Kelly said...

I quite agree with you. I really had to force myself to get through the first half of the book. It seemed to get a little better for the second half. However, I am a little sad that we won't be awaiting another installment next summer.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Dani,

I'm sorry to hear that the final Harry Potter did not live up to expectations. Although I do agree that the book dragged through the middle in general I loved most of it, and especially the final quarter. I also agree that Ginny's character had little to do in this one, and was a bit sorry about that, but these stories are mainly focused on Harry, Ron and Hermione and all the others are supporting players. I have to say that my favourite character is Luna Lovegood.

I loved reading about the stitcher's retreat at Ann's, and seeing all the pictures. What a weekend. I'm so jealous. Ann dropped by my blog and extended an invitation for next year, which was so incredibly nice of her. So 30 people in her house aren't enough for her?? Lol!!

The framing work that you do is beautiful Dani. Where did you learn to do that???

I read Beatrice's blog, and saw that you'd given her your Medieval Mystery piece after she'd admired it so much. What a lovely thing to do. Um...Dani....I really, really love your Noah's Sub!! Really!! Lol!

The new roof looks very nice on your house. We had a metal one put on our house a few years ago, and it's nice to know that we don't have to worry about that for the next 50 years.

Have a great weekend Dani. Cheers

Karen said...

I enjoyed the last Harry Potter book, but I definitely had the impression that it was written out of obligation. The novel seemed a lot less intense. Nothing new or unexpected happened. It wasn't nearly as good as her previous novels, but I still devoured the book and enjoyed the read.

Hazel said...

I think I must be the only one who isnt into HP!! I read the first book and preferred the film!! Not my kinda thing. Sorry you didn't enjoy it. I have a giveaway on my blog if you fancy it. xx

Mistress Golden Needle said...

Hi Dani –

If it wasn’t for the fact that I listened to the book on CD I doubt I would have ever finish reading it in book form. To me it felt like she (J.K.R.) was trying to fill pages without launching Harry, Ron and Hermione into yet another cliff hanger of a story thread to be continued in a new book. I can see why she put that “years later epilogue” in. She definitely didn’t want to continue the series. However, she could write background/spin-off stories on the other characters. One can only hope.

Jan J.

CritterLady62 said...

Well, I didn't go into seclusion to read HP #7; instead I started back again on #1. I just started #7 this morning and so far it has held my interest. Of course, I'm coming off of finishing up #6 last night and want to get to it. We will soon see. . .

Beatrice said...

Your morning glory is pretty.
I didn't read any of the HP's, But had heard a lot of the same comments as you made,,,Disappointment.
Check out Christin's Blog. Yippee!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank goodness!! I was beginning to think I was the only person on the entire planet that was really disappointed in HP7! I mean it -- I really was starting to think that there was something wrong with me when I read how everyone else loved it so much, it was the best one of the series, etc. etc. etc.

And for me, it had *nothing* to do with the fact that it was the last one of the series and that I no longer had another one to look forward to -- I've enjoyed the HP books, but they're not my life. I for one was actually looking forward to all the "hype" over them finally ending.

No, my disappointment pretty much runs along the lines as Dani's. I felt it was rushed, not very well thought out, had some *glaring* holes in the plot, and, most importantly, for the first time *ever*, actually made me NOT like the Harry Potter character for a little while (because of some of the things he says and does). And since he was really the only character I cared for, well... it just made the book more of a disappointment in my eyes.

Well, sorry for the long expose, LOL! I really just wanted to post a comment to say a HUGE "thank you!!!!" to Dani, for making me finally feel like there's nothing wrong with me after all. :)

Claire said...

Hey Dani! The stitching weekend sounded great! You must have had a blast. I loved the final book, the only part I wasn't a huge fan of was the whole King's Cross bit near the end. Still a great read for me:)


Coral said...

I am so glad you asked, I thought all that camping was such a waste of pages (200 pages?)! I did feel, as well as you, that JK was just writing to fill her contract. The scene of the wedding was pretty good. The end 'battle scene' was so much like the last book I was skimming over the words. (Did Ginny never get over her Bat Bogey Hex? It was all she ever seems to use!)And who was that character brought in right at the end in the epilogue: "..... was kissing our...."? Who was that person? The female part I mean.

No, a bit of a waste of my reading time. Such a lot of hype!!

Jennifer said...

I really liked the book and read it in a few days. I thought the epilogue was a bit cheesy, though. But, then I'm a fan of historical romance novels so I'm not sure my taste has a lot of credibility... :P

Heather said...

I loved it. The book held my attention throughout. I was actually shaking for the last four chapters or so, I was so worried about the characters. I was certainly no more disappointed in Harry's character in this book than in past books where he has used Unforgiveable Curses. JK has made a point of him not being a "perfect" character. I know it's tempting to want "perfect" really does take us off the hook of having to live courageously if we have the excuse of, "But I'm not as {good, talented, perfect} as..." However, I think it's worth even more when a flawed character is able to act heroically than when some theoretical "perfect" character does it. I felt the desperation Harry and Hermione must have felt when they were on the run. How will they get out of this?? What can they possibly do next???

coral, I am assuming that "Victoire" in the Epilogue, due to the French name, was the daughter of Bill and Fleur. I think JK has confirmed that this is correct.

karen, you expected all those deaths? Expected Dumbledore's background revelations?? Expected how they got the Hufflepuff cup??? Wow, you are a MUCH better guesser than me! =)

Gina E. said...

Well I enjoyed #7 as much as I did the others - action and go-go all the way. The only bit I didn't dig was the bit at the end at King's Cross...what was all that drivel about the baby under a chair????