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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Q & A Time!

Tonight I finally got a real start on Von's Neighbourhood RR! Its a small start, since I got home and pretty much passed out on the couch for 2-3 hours! Seeing as I have no amazing stitching progress to really share with you I'll play a little Q&A tonight with the questions you folks have asked me over the last little while!

This first questions come from Karen I got this one while nearing the end of Noah's Sub :
Q : I know it's huge, but has it been a fun stitch or one you're just wanting to finish up as quick as possible?

A : I think I just really wanted the project done! I have to say I enjoyed the challenge of stitching such a huge piece but was it fun... at times yes (the animals) at times no (the large blocks of yellow/blue/green)

Q: Do you have a favourite animal/section on this one?

A : I have to say the porthole full of bunnies! (not the best photo!)

The next one is from Ann who as far as I'm aware doesn't blog but she always leaves me wonderful anonymous comments!

Q : Haven't you stitched this piece already once? (referring to Tour de Marques)

A : No I haven't, I have stitched a Silver Lining lighthouse a few years ago, Bandon Light as a model for the designer. (Also done over one)

Dawn is a frequent visitor and made me that lovely Dragon Dreams tin that I shared with you a few weeks ago. Her question is also in reference to TdM.

Q : Are you using both DMC and Anchor floss?

A : Yes I am, the design calls for both, Marc the designer often uses both DMC and Anchor in his designs and you can't substitute one for the other as they are both used to extend the colour pallate. Marc's sense of shading and detail is just amazing!

Another TdM question this time from Lauren whose blog I don't know her address for (Lauren if you can share that with me I'd be happy to link to you in this post!).

Q : Is it on blue fabric?

A : Yes its on Wichelt's hand dyed joblean line, 28 ct. Bluebell. Gives it a nice, light, summery feel.

Lynn is a wonderful woman and stitcher I got to meet earlier this summer. I look forward to when we can find time to get together and stitch again! She's going to be my roomie in October at the Cross Stitch Cupboard's Retreat where Jeannette Douglas is teaching!

Q : Your framing jobs are awesome! Does it take much time to do all the stretching?

A : Yes and no... it really depends on what type of fabric the piece is stitched on. Sometimes I lace, sometimes I pin. Also it comes down to how straight I get it onto the foam core the first time. Sometimes it has to come off and I have to start over. I rarely stretch a piece in one sitting, I like to put it down and pick it back up over several days. I find if you pick a piece up with fresh eyes you see what you missed the last time. You can also ask my close friends I'm very picky! I want things straight!!!


ollie1976 said...

The lighthouse is gorgeous!

Aussie Stitcher said...

That port hole looks great with all of those bunnies. This post was a great idea Dani.


Dawn T. said...

The lighthouse is stunning!!

Julie said...

I had missed the little window full of bunnies! Its very cute and funny!
Your lighthouse is incredible!

Anonymous said...

My website is Thanks for answering all those questions!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dani for the wonderful feedback! Indeed, I do not have a blog, but I certainly read yours almost daily ;-) Thanks for the explanation. It's amazing how you can do such a big project over one. Ann.

Lynn said...

I'm in agreement with the others. I love the lighthouse! I have some Silver Lining charts in my stash but I'm not sure the eyes can handle over one. I am soo looking forward to the Cupboard's Retreat! Hopefully we can get together before that.

Christine said...

Beautiful job on the lighthouse!

stitcherw said...

What a cute shot of the porthole with all the bunnies. While I saw your finished picture of the sub, I didn't really "see" some of the detail (like the bunnies). I'll bet those were fun to watch come to life as you were stitching.