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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Photo Hunt #78 "Curvy"

More Photo Hunters catchup tonight... I'm afraid I'm still dreadfully behind!
#78's theme is Curvy, and I thought this staircase fit the bill nicely. This is an older photo from August of 2002, its the view down the staircase inside a Cape Cod Lighthouse. Don't ask me which one, because I honestly don't remember. This photo is from a very memorable trip where I met up with one of my online friends from the UK, Hannelore. We spent a week bombing around in my car in the southern Massachusetts area. I can't even remember how many needlework shops we hit... but it was a lot! I think any and every one that was in driving distance! Boy did we have fun!
I didn't get in a lot of stitching time tonight (but I did work on The Castle), I stopped at my parents house for homemade soup! Mmmmmm! Mum made soup and cheesy bread sticks, oh my! Even better she let me bring some home for lunch tomorrow (I was wondering what I was going to have for lunch!). I stayed for a few hours and had a nice visit. Before heading home I stopped into the dojang for the first time since June when I stopped going to Taekwon-Do due to an injury. Oh boy I thought I missed it before this visit. I sure miss it now! I'm very tempted to go in next week and take a class and see how my feet hold up! I miss Taekwon-Do.


Barbara said...

That's a gorgeous picture of the spiral staircase!

Abi said...

I love the photo! What kind of camera do you use?

Ruth said...

Go. Take a session. Be gentle, but kick some butt. :)

Juls said...

Great photo!11 I would love to join your Snowbird SAL! I'm working on CdC!!!! How do I join????