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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Photo Hunt #79 "Smelly"

What smells worse than fish? I think fish stink! That's probably why I don't eat a lot of fish, I think of that fishy smell and ick! This is a pike that Todd caught this summer on the Madawaska River in Arnprior, Ontario.

Last night The Castle got a little luvin' and I'm hoping to give it some more attention today. I'm not sure how much as we're going out to the parents to help with some downed trees (well Todd's doing that). I'm taking my stitching and we'll see what happens!


Vonna said...

I don't care for fish either...eating them that is...I think it is the smell too...and the worst is eating a catfish that tastes "muddy" YUCK!

Good luck with the stitching at the parents house!

Chiloe said...

Have you tried french cheese? lol

Beatrice said...

Your photos as usual are very good. You have a great imagination when it comes to the photos,
And I love home made soup too.

stitcherw said...

Yup, fish smell ranks right up there with smelly things I'd rather not be smelling. :)

Hope you had a productive time working on Castle, I'll look forward to seeing your update.

Hannah said...

I'm with you on the stinky fish thing. I don't eat seafood at all (and I live in Tampa Bay! hehe). I especially can't stand the smell of shrimp!