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Monday, November 03, 2008

November Goals

Its the start of a new month, this means its time to review how I did on my stitching goals for October and what I plan to get done this month.

October Re-cap

Stitch Margaret's Neighbourhood RR - Almost done
Stitch an ornament - Yes
Stitch Blogiversary Gift - Nope
Work on Pomegranates and Pears - Yes

November Goals

Finish Margaret's Neighbourhood RR
Stitch Fair & Square Round 10
Stitch Personal Ornament Exchange
Stitch Smalls Exchange
Stitch Blogiversary Gift

As you can see, I've got quite a few deadlines coming up! I must of gone on this flurry of signing up for things, LOL. Oh well none of them will be massive pieces so I'm not too worried.


Jo said...

Lovely photo - as always.

I've just seen your previous post - first I have to say I am so ANGRY for what happened to Ann.

But on a happier note I have to say that the pair of you have a wonderful selection of ornies. I really love the two green and white ornies at the bottom of the photo of Ann's ornies - do you know the designer? I couldn't see a photo of that one on her blog...

Wendy said...

Love all the ornaments you and Ann finished together!

Julie said...

P & P was my favourite you stitched last month. Hope you achieve your goals for Nov

Shelleen said...

good luck with your goals

Ruth said...

You do have a lot for the month, but knowing you, it'll all get done :)