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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Photo Hunt #130 "Sad"

I don't have any pictures that I see as truly sad. However, I did come across this picture, the willow tree at the back of my property in winter. Winter is coming and for me its the saddest time of year when everything is asleep and we hunker down waiting for the world to come alive again in spring.
I am not looking forward to the upcoming winter!


riona said...

Love the photo ... and I don't think it is sad. I have always liked pictures of bare trees ... the strength and the "essence" of the tree revealed ... a beauty beyond spring, summer & autumn displays ... but then I live in the metro NYC area and our winters are substantially shorter than yours which probably has a great deal to do with my perspective.

Jenn said...

I like winter. I miss winter. I like the vulnerability of the season. For some reason, all that quietness appeals to me.

The ornaments are beautiful! And congrats on all that weight have to tell me how you did it!

Stitcher said...

I look forward to a scene such as the one depicted in your photo! For me, winter is about Christmas, my birthday, New Years, snowflake inspection, viewing blazing red cardinals against a white backdrop, hot cocoa, crocheting cozy afghans, snowmobiling, skiing, skating, snowball fights, snowmen, walking as the snow is falling & the temp is near zero without major winds, funky scarves & mitts, Hellebores that bloom in the snow, clear starry nights, and snow sparkles in the sunshine!
Bring on the snow!!


Cindy F. said...

Dani, this is a beautiful picture.
(I don't like winter either!)
Hey, Donna @ needs our help stitching cancer awareness ornaments for 2009. I hope you'll check out her site:)

Angela said...

I think it looks just beautiful but then I am a snow lover :)

Julie said...

I love that pic, looks so fresh and crisp

Stitchingranny said...

Im a sun person, I need to feel warm and I hate winter.

Having said that the simplicity of a picture like this is just so beautiful so I guess winter has some good points - though I think its only for picture taking.