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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One Year, The Scale and The Photo Hunt

This week is my one year anniversary at Weight Watchers, I'm amazed that I've stuck with it all this time! I'm also amazed at how well its gone.

I thought the scale was going to be cruel to me tonight... it wasn't, it just didn't budge. Oh my gosh these last 12 lbs are a REAL BITCH! Its like I was going 100 KM/H and someone pulled the emergency break! Does anyone out there whose done this have any tips for those last few pounds? I'm getting very frustrated!

Since I'm plugging away at my top secret project I have no stitching pictures for you, so I'll give you a photo hunt instead.

Photo Hunt #144 - Aftermath

Sometimes the aftermath of a storm is... a rainbow. I love it when Mother Nature paints the sky for us!


claudia said...

You didn't gain! YAY! (We won't talk about my bad self)
WW Online says stay really close to your allowed points, and make sure you log EVERYTHING! I know in the past I have heard of plateaus, and you just have to keep up the eating right and eventually your bady will let go of the pounds.
Just don't not eat foods and try to lose that way. Your body will go into survival mode and gain!

Olenka's Stitches said...

Your weight loss results are amazing, you can be proud of yourself.

Cindy F. said...

I've done well with WW's a few times, but I've never hung in til the last pound:( DON'T do like me. I never make it to the maintenance part, that's why I slowly gain it all back! It's not uncommon, but your body is just happy where it is right now:) Hey, you look

Gabi said...

You're doing great with your weightloss. But I know what you're talking about. I think it's called hitting the plateau. It's where your body tries to not loose any more weight and adjusted to your ways. It's even logical if you think it through...although it is highly annoying. When I was hitting that phase I got a tip that helped me through it. Break your routine. Not sure if that makes sense or not. But I stopped working out every day and had a couple of days only slight routines, followed by at once a day of lots of sport. Loosened my diet a bit, followed by a day of harsh diet. Just to throw some unusual things in. It helped in my case.

Michelle. said...

I have proudly lost my baby weight from both my children in the first six months. (This with no extensive dieting nor exercise because I nursed and still am nursing.) I find that even when I am preparing for an important occasion, drinking water only (with my regular food intake) for at least a week, lets me smoothly in the skinniest of my jeans! Plus it makes me flush my body toxins and gives my skin some extra glow!

But girl, no worries. We all know you are absolutely there! BRAVO!

Joyus said...

I just wanted to again congratulate you on your weight loss achievement. I'm starting my diet today and my pounds to lose goal is the same as yours was a year ago so I can only hope that I'm as successful as you.

I don't have any words of wisdom about your last few pounds but I'm sure you'll reach your goal.

Christine said...

Congratulations on a year of WW, you are doing so well, those last 12lb will go soon.
Gorgeous photo of the rainbow

Mylene said...

Beautiful picture of the rainbow.
Congrats on the weightloss, sorry can't help or no tips as i am stuck too with what i want to loose.

ollie1976 said...

Switch up what you're eating. You probably need to shock your body a little.

Becky K in OK said...

Congrats on your one year anniversary with WW'ers. You might try eating your largest meal in the morning and the smallest in the evening. I've done that before and it helps.

wendy said...

i love rainbows! the night before my wedding..I saw my very first double was like an omen!

Julie said...

Super rainbow picture.
You are an inspiration to us all with your perseverance, it will happen, please dont get disheartened

Lynn said...

Congrats on your year anniversary with WW! Just keep hanging in there. Plateaus sometimes take a while to get over but you will get over it!

Crazee4books said...

Hi Dani,

Congratulations on your one year
anniversary with Weight Watchers.
You've done an awesome job of
sticking to you diet and
exercising and you've lost A LOT
of weight.

I don't have any tips or suggestions for nudging those
final pounds off, but I will
offer words of encouragement
and an urge for patience.
You've come a long way on your
journey already.

I really love your latest
ornament finish. That blue
is gorgeous and turns the
greenery of leaves into a
design that made me think it
was a snowflake with a snow
man inside it. Very, very

I was admiring the same big motif
that you just finished stitching
on Paradigm Lost when I saw it on
someone elses version of this
piece and didn't realize at
first that the outer edge was
made up of birds. I can be very
slow at times. Anyways, I
love this motif because of the
birds, now that I've noticed

Hope you back hasn't been giving
you any more trouble.


Julie said...

I'm not a good one to ask, but ask those at the meetings. Usually there is someone there that has met their goal and might have a tip.

Thanks for visiting me!

Karan said...

No suggestions but what you've been doing has worked so well up until now - persevere & you WILL do it Dani!
Beautiful photo. Mother Nature at her loveliest. :0)

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

You have done SO MUCH in one year! I have no advice on the last few pounds other than to stick with it..

~Tammy said...

My only advice is shake it up! Do something, some times even one thing, completely different. Eat all your point, all the activity if you normally don't, but do it with the right foods... not garbage. If you work out crazy hard, step it back a bit, but keep the eating the same. Your body is becoming comfortable and you just need to shake it up to wake it up!

Does that make sense?

Have you by chance broken your meals/calorie consumption into smaller portions, but more meals throughout the day. This really wakes up your metabolism.

Lynne said...

Woo Hoo !!!! Congratulations on making it to a year. You have done amazingly well !!!

CindyMae said...

Happy one year anniversary! Congrats on all that you have accomplished in that year!!! Love the photo by the way, beautiful!

Beatrice said...

Congrats!! a year is amazing the amount you have lost in that time, you look fabulous.
I too might suggest a bit of a mixup in your food try the filling foods and change them around a bit. Maybe your body is used to what you have been giving it.
You'll do it!
I'm at the -12,lbs and have 3 to go to reach my goal..Not easy, I know I had so little to lose but every lb is a tough one.
Hang in there.!!.

Beatrice said...

p/s that is a beautiful photo!

Angela said...

Congrats on your WW anniversary and all of your weight loss. I have heard that the last few pounds are the toughest to loose but don't have any tips. Love the photo too :)

stitcherw said...

Beautiful photo, and congratulation on following the plan for a year and doing so fantastic. Hopefully you'll be able to break through the point your weight seems to be stuck at soon. I imagine it is very frustrating to be working so hard and your body being so stubborn and holding onto the last couple pounds.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary. I recognise what you are talking about when you say that the last lbs are the hardest to loose. Congratulations on having lost so many already and I wish you the best with the advises above and at your WW meeting. Ann

Sharon said...

Hey, you didn't gain! You have done amazing-don't fret too much you will get it off! congratulations on making it one year.